The JABB 204 Playlist
"A grandmother pretends she doesn't
know who you are on Halloween." 
~Erma Bombeck
(I just think that quote is so adorable.)

Hi all!

Welcome to JABB's 9th (can't even believe it!) annual Halloween issue.  Despite being absurdly crunched for time, I really enjoyed writing this issue and hope you enjoy reading it.  As with last year, this Halloween issue is also a contest.  But I'll get to that later.
First, I'd like to present a story about yet another Halloween party in Dyeland.  However, this year the Dyelanders really have something up their sleeves!  Question is, how will Andrew react to their enthusiasm for the day he claims "gives death a bad reputation"?  So, please read the story.  You won't regret it.  Especially if you have a fondness for Andrew, Adam, or both.  Cause their costumes are...  well, just read it and see!
You can find the story here:
Another reason to read the story is it just may help you with the contest below.  What I did was make up some Halloween-themed trivia questions about JABB.  Answer as many as you can and you just may be our prize winner!  First, a few guidelines:
1.  Please read the general Contest Rules and Information.  That will tell you what we do in the event of a tie, what happens if you win but do not want a prize, and also list all the available prizes.

2.  The deadline for this contest is November 7th.  I will not accept any answers after that.  There is no advantage to being the first to get your answers to me.

3.  Feel free to use the JABB Encyclopedia for help.  I certainly don't expect anyone to know these from memory.

4.  Send the answers ONLY to Jenni.  Sending it elsewhere will lead to disqualification.  It is vital that your answers reach me at an account only I have access to.  So your answers must be sent to either of those addresses.

5.  I wrote this contest completely on my own with out consulting anyone.  Therefore, everyone on JABB besides myself (including co-founders and members of the Sisterhood) are eligible to win since they had no advance knowledge of the type or content of this contest.


Now for the contest...

This contest has expired. Congrats to Yvette for winning with a perfect score!  
1.  Starting with 2005's Halloween JABB, JABB newsletters regularly begin with an opening quote from a variety of authors and sources.  However, years earlier another JABB Halloween issue became the first JABB to open with a quote.  What newsletter was that?  (Identify newsletters by number please, thanks!)
2.  The story told in last year's Halloween JABB finds Lady JenniAnn away from Dyeland when the festivities begin.  In her absence, Andrew is left to plan the annual party.  Instead of Halloween, he dubs his celebration something else.  What is it?
3.  In one Halloween newsletter, Lady JenniAnn tries to hide her love of Halloween from Andrew.  However, she is busted by a music box.  What song does the music box play?
4.  At another Dyeland Halloween party, Adam and Tara entertain the crowd with their rendition of what song often heard around Halloween?
5.  One Halloween Vincent tells JenniAnn a ghost story about a woman who lost her lover.  What was that woman's name?
6.  Halloween isn't the only time characters have ended up in costume.  After Andrew's murder trial ended, Adam showed up at the celebratory party dressed as what famous person?
7.  During the Dyeland presidential debates between Andrew and Adam, Halloween becomes an issue.  Adam calls two children to the podium to tell how they'd feel if Halloween were outlawed.  What were the names of those children?
8.  What is the name of the Charles Rocket film that Jenni watches every Halloween and is mentioned in the first two CABBs?
9.  The first ever JABB Halloween issue featured a parody of what Poe poem?
10.  In one Halloween newsletter, the Dyelanders agree to let Andrew be alone on Halloween and tell ghost stories amongst themselves.  However, they end up scaring themselves and going to Andrew's house.  What movie do they then watch with him?
11.  Which Halloween newsletter features a to-do list written by Andrew himself?
12.  A child's query about what storybook character sends Lady JenniAnn back to Dyeland in last year's Halloween story?
13.  One year the Dyelanders eschew Halloween entirely and throw a different sort of party with a celestial theme.  So instead of orange and black they use what two colors in their decorating? 
14.  During one Halloween party, FBI agents show up.  The male agent is dressed up as what U.S. president?
15.  Name one costume Andrew wore to any Dyeland party.
16.  In our 2nd Halloween issue, Lisa suggests what pair costume for she and Andrew?
17.  After Vincent finishes telling his ghost story a few days before Halloween one year, Audrey tells a story about a wicked angel of death.  What was his name?
18.  In this most recent issue, what type of animal does Andrew pretend to watch a TV special about?
19.  In "The Night Before Halloween," which fellow angel appears to Andrew?
20.  In a very early reference to what became the AOD Band, the first Halloween JABB mentions the three AODs starting a band that specialized in what style of music?
Best of luck to everyone!
God bless,
PS- My apologies if you see any typos or technical errors.  I'm trying to ween myself off the obsessive triple and quadruple checking of JABB.  If you notice anything amiss, please do let me know.  Thanks!

This contest is now expired.  Click here for the answers.