The JABB 203 Playlist

“Nothing is really work unless you
would rather be doing something else."
~ James M. Barrie

Hi all,

Well, I gotta say being employed outside the home has made finding time to write JABB more than a little difficult.  Of course, it's probly got a lot to do with my being out of town for two weekends in a row.  Speaking of that, if any of you email me, please know you may not receive a reply until Sunday night when I return from my trip.  But as I was saying, I've been a bit rushed lately.  Which is why I am VERY grateful to Sorrow who has written the very amusing piece you find below this introduction.  Not only did she write the bulk of JABB 203 for me but she also inspired me to write the top ten you'll see below her piece.  So big thanks to Sorrow and also a big thanks to the members of the JABB Sisterhood (Jess, Karen, and Liz) for keeping an eye on the JABB YahooGroup while I've been out of town and settling into my new routine!  Now, with out further adieu, JABB 203...

God bless,
Co-Founder, Head Writer, and Web Mistress of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade

A Day in the Life of a Girl battling JD/AAS - John Dye/Andrew Addiction Syndrome
For the working girl who just can’t bear to leave home without him.
By Sorrow

6:30a.m. – Wake up.  Yawn, stretch, blink, etc... You know, the usual.  Smile at carefully arranged photo(s) of John in bedroom.  Enjoy him during every precious moment spent getting dressed/organized for the day.
Limit viewing time to no more than 60 seconds at a time to avoid being late for work due to staring into those gorgeous green eyes and falling in love with that little boy smile or imagining running fingers through the soft, silky hair...*sigh*
7:30a.m. - Damn!  Spent too much time staring at photo!  Pull on tights, skirt, any shirt that doesn’t require ironing.  Run fingers through hair in some semblance of combing.  No time for breakfast now.  Grab a bagel and rush out door.
7:35a.m. – Realise feet are cold.  Rush back in and put on some shoes.  Blow kisses to John’s photo by the door.

7:45a.m. - Arrive at bus stop.  A red caddy drives by.  Smile to self and commence daydreaming.  Recall all episodes where Andrew was present in car and creatively work self into scene.
7:50a.m. – Bus arrives.  Driver waits for five minutes, asking if you’re getting on the bus or not.  Daydreaming continues.
7:55a.m. – Bus leaves.  Snap out of daydream and realize you’ve missed the bus and will be late for work.
8:30a.m. – Finally arrive at work.  Make way to desk and start unpacking glasses, breakfast, day timer with small photo of John neatly tucked inside front cover, etc.
8:35a.m. – Turn on computer and check e-mail.  Giggle because you got an e-mail from some guy named ‘Andrew’ who works in accounting/IT/customer services, etc. whatever.  Imagine how much fun it would be to get an e-mail from the ‘real’ Andrew.
8:45a.m. – Sneak a peek at the JABB list and read posts.  Make notes for replies later.
8:50a.m. – Check ‘Andrew’s Blog’.  Giggle to self.
9:00a.m. – Boss arrives.  Start working.  Try to concentrate on task at hand but find it too difficult when that funny ‘My name is Andrew’ commercial keeps playing on the radio.
10:00a.m. – Can’t stand it anymore!  Feeling withdrawal symptoms... Must see ‘cutie’!!  Open day timer and stare at photo of John.  Sigh deeply and feel better now.  Continue with work.
11:00a.m. – Washroom break.  Be sure to check Day-Timer photo, you know, just to make sure the photo is still alright and not missing or anything...
11:15a.m. – Return to desk and work.  Wonder what will be on TBAA tonight... Will Andrew wear the leather jacket?! *gasp* Or the tool belt?... Drool for a moment before regaining composure and getting back to work.
12:30p.m. – Lunch time!  Giggle at little daydream of ‘Andrew’ coming to meet you for lunch.  Wonder where you would go to eat?  Would he be wearing ‘the white shirt’?  How many buttons would be open?  Jeans or dress pants?  Hear stomach rumble.  Better eat.  Head out to buy lunch, still half hoping to meet Andrew in the lobby on your way out.
1:30p.m. – Lunch is over.  Return to work.  Only three more hours until you can go home and watch TBAA.
2:30p.m - Boss goes out for coffee.  You’ve done very well so far.  Reward self by sneaking a peek at ‘the green shirt photo’ on the TBAA site.  Stare helplessly into the emerald green eyes.  Remember to have drool bucket at hand, just in case.
2:45p.m. –Boss returns and catches you staring at the screen.  Asks if you’re o.k.  Respond thus, “Oh, I’m fine.  Just absolutely....*sigh* fine.”
2:46p.m. – Boss stares at you weird, makes mental note that you could be losing it and retreats quickly into office.
3:00p.m. – Is it time to go home yet?  Pull out pocket watch and check time, even though there’s a huge wall clock right in front of you on the wall and the time is displayed on your computer screen.  Pocket watches are just so much nicer!!  Carry on with work.
3:27p.m. – Work is boring.  Take a mind break.  See how many times you can type the name ‘Andrew’ or ‘John’ in 1 minute!  Open Day-Timer to photo for inspirational purposes.
3:35p.m. – Phone rings.  Imagine it’s John calling to ask if you’re free for dinner.  Answer phone enthusiastically.  Nearly drop from excitement when you hear, “Hello this is J. Dye... and Printing Services...”  Pout when you realize it’s a printing company trying to push their services on you.  Be as polite as possible and, hiding your disappointment, hang up quickly.
4:00p.m. – Only half an hour left!  Shift impatiently from side to side in your seat.  Keep staring at clock.
4:30p.m. – Time to go home!!  Yay!  Shut off computer, visit washroom, pack up stuff, be sure to smile at photo in Day-Timer before closing him up for the day and carefully placing him inside purse.
4:35p.m. – Rush out door to bus stop.  Must get home to watch TBAA!!!
5:30p.m. – Arrive home.  Change clothes, have bath, start dinner, etc....
7:00p.m. – TBAA is on!!  All talking/noise/interference of any kind is banned, especially during Andrew scenes.
7:45p.m. – The big ‘revelation’ scene... All the angels are glowing.  Wonder why Andrew’s glow is always so much smaller than the others.  Become sad, because there’s only a few moments left.
8:00p.m. – Sigh as credits roll on screen.  Remember DVDs in cupboard and smile, knowing there’s always a little bit of Andrew hiding *somewhere* to be seen.
8:10p.m. – Put on first DVD and enjoy a mini-marathon.  Yay Andrew!  Yay tool belts!  Yay leather jacket!
9:30p.m. – Tired from work.  Fall asleep while watching DVDs.  Have some very interesting dreams. *for dream descriptions send a self address, stamped envelope to:
My John/Andrew Dreams, P.O. Box ‘In your dreams’, Heavenly Thoughts, Forever.  – Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.*
10:30p.m. – Drag self away from television and up to bed.  Blow kisses to photo in room.
10:35p.m. – Collapse on bed and fall asleep.  Sweet dreams!

Giggle.  I (Jenni again!) really love that.  It was even more fun since I actually received the email containing this from Sorrow while I was at work.  Thanks again, Sorrow! 

Now, I'm a firm believer at being professional while on the job.  But that doesn't mean not being yourself and it doesn't mean not having fun.  So I present to you the...

Top Ten Things Every JABBer Should Have at Their Desk/Work Space

10.  A drool bucket.  What better way to think fondly of JABB even while at work?  Not to mention you don't want to be caught unprepared if a client named Andrew calls or the guy fixing the elevator walks by with a tool belt prompting drool-causing memories of Andrew to fill your mind.  Have sympathy on the building's janitor(s).  Use a drool bucket.

9.  Make yourself a screensaver featuring photos from TBAA or other John Dye projects.  Mail sorting or whatever monotonous task you have won't be so boring when your puter is showing you lots of golden-haired, green-eyed images of Angel Boy!

8.  Coffee.  I don't know about you but one of my reasons for wanting to be back in an office was the free coffee.  So make sure to grab yourself a cup.  If you're really lucky may be you can even make yourself a mocha latte and think fondly of Monica. 

7.  Obviously you have to put the coffee in something!  Might I suggest something from the COFFEE!! section of our Store?  Proudly show your love of Andrew or God's love for everyone by sipping coffee from one of those lovely pieces!  (Just don't blame me if your co-workers look at you funny if you buy the Andrew one or if they ask you why a bucket has wings.)

6.  Got PowerPoint?  Make yourself a nice slide show that contains highlights from Adam's defense of Alexander in “An Unexpected Snow.”  Make that guy from HR who eats a turkey sandwich for lunch watch it daily!  Adam will be sooo proud!

5.  Do you handle the telephones?  Commandeer one of the office dictaphones or bring in your own voice recorder containing one of Tess' many lectures.  Play it to annoying or  just plain rude callers.  (JABB cannot be held responsible if this results in your being disciplined or fired.  Thank you!)

4.  A football.  I'm not sure why Andrew had one in the office in “Secret Service” but he did.  And if it's good enough for Andrew, it's good enough for us!

3.  A photo of John Dye.  Heck, he's not done anything since “Heart of the Beholder” that we know of.  While he's out of the public eye you may actually be able to get people to believe he's really your boyfriend.  (JABB cannot be held responsible if John Dye or his legal entities tell you to knock it off.  But if you get hauled into court, please do take a photo of the complainant.  Cause we'd like to know what Mr. Dye looks like these days.  Long hair, short hair... no hair???)

2.  A pocket watch.  Cause if you're gonna spend the day waiting for closing time, you may as well do it using something that's guaranteed to make you think of Andrew.  Or Adam.  Or both...

1.  Get an extra chair at your desk and write “This Seat Reserved for Andrew, the Angel” on it.  Heck, Ben Mason kept just such a barstool at his place of work and he got a visit not only from our beloved Andrew but also Adam!  If both AODs show up and you only have two chairs it's up to you to figure out the seating arrangement.  Just remember to keep it professional! 

JABB 204

(Photo Credits: The photograph used on this page is from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  It is not being used to seek profit.)