The JABB 200 Playlist

"The odd thing about this form of communication [the Internet]

is that you're more likely to talk about nothing than something.
But I just want to say that all this nothing has
meant more to me than so many somethings."
~ Meg Ryan as Kathleen in "You've Got Mail"

Hi all,

It's finally happened! JABB hit 200 issues! To celebrate this oh-so-exciting occasion we (earthlings, Dyelanders, and angels!) have some congratulatory messages and a list of 200 things we've learned from JABB. So since you'll be hearing plenty from me later, I'm gonna end this intro here and get on with the fun!

God bless,

(Special thanks to co-founder Audrey for this JABB logo!)

From Karen:

Wow, is it really already 200 issues? It seems like yesterday when Jenni and Aud were writing the first few and finding hilarious scenes and things to write about. Congratulations on 200 issues and here's to 200 more!

From Bunny:

Congratulations on 200 issues. Are you sure you've counted right? It sure seems like there have been 1000. LoL

From Jess:

Hey JABBers who would have thought we'd make it to 200 and JABB's looking better than ever. From a small obsessive love for Andrew/JD I found a nice, fun place to hang out with. Although I haven't been around for all 200 newsletters I did read them all and am quite pleased to see how creative and fun each and every one of them have been. Here's to another 200 newsletters!!!!:)

From Jenni:

Hey all,
I really can't believe JABB hit 200. To be honest, I can't believe it hit 10, 25, 50, 100, etc. It's kinda nice being continuously surprised by something that started on a whim late one night in a nearly empty TBAA chat room. That we're still going strong nearly 3 years after TBAA stopped production it truly awesome! Just goes to show how wonderfully obsessed we John Dye fans are!

I'd like to thank everyone who has ever been a part of JABB. Whether they're the actors, writers, and other creative types that inspired us or our members, JABB wouldn't exist with out the contributions of many. And I'd be sitting alone in my room probably talking to a dog or a frog or stuffed animal about how amazing Andrew was, is, and will always be. In my wedding dress. Drinking a mocha or eating Haagen-Dazs. Okay, so may be that's still partly true. But at least I have you all to talk to and not my animals (real or plush). ;-) So, JABBers, for that and hundreds of other things, I thank you.

God bless,

From Jarrod:

Hey Everyone,
It's hard to believe that one night so many years ago JABB was created from a 12 step program.  The best part is that it is still going strong after 200 issues.  I remember being in that chat and how much fun it was.  We were all laughing pretty hard that night.  So here's to the next milestone in JABB! 
Take care,

From Liz:

I think that it's marvelous that there is 200 newsletters.  Who would have thought that we would have reached that milestone?  I just wish that I had found this place more than just a year ago cause I know I would have been able to feel at home a lot sooner.  At least I found it when I did and have been enjoying it quite well.

And now...

I've learned:

(from Sorrow)

  1. A top 10 list can be made about anything to do with John/Andrew.

  2. We are not alone in our obsession, uh admiration.

  3. There is such a thing as a Democratic-presidentialprincessdom?

  4. The cutting of a certain angel’s hair can have traumatic effects on an entire population.

  5. The topic of said angel’s hair can inspire and fill pages and pages of text.

  6. With a little help from Adam, turkeys can be saved!

  7. The word ‘Andrewiffic’ can be used in a sentence.

  8. We have the right to see John/Andrew's bare arms.

  9. Tool belts can lead to fits of swooning.

  10. Anything can happen... in the DyeLight Zone!

  11. Any Christmas carol can be edited to reflect our obsession with John/Andrew.

  12. Never be on a cooking show that involves three angels baking a cake.

  13. "A rolling Andrew gathers many dead."

  14. Willow trees make great hide-aways for story telling.

  15. The History of the AOD Band!

  16. It’s o.k. to cry on the stairs.

  17. There’s never going to be a ‘murder trial’ episode, is there?

  18. A ‘little’ interest in John Dye can lead you to a place where you can make wonderful new friends!

  19. “Herzboppleboo”, “Grytzeldingding”, and “MoochiChoochi” just would not have been good names for our angel friends.

  20. Cute as they may be, 20 turkeys do NOT count as dependents on your tax form.

  21. The true function of a ‘drool bucket’.

  22. “It's better to have drooled and lost than never to have drooled before.”

  23. If you rely heavily on the Microsoft Word Thesaurus while writing, your “compendium will then have an aggrandized estimation of consummate calibre.”

  24. Wrapping up your favourite angel and giving him to yourself at Christmas is perhaps not the best idea after all.

  25. Gingerbread Andrews make great last minute gifts!

  26. Andrew's nonconformity seems to be directly proportional to his hair length.

  27. A green shirt on the right man can mesmerize a group of fans for hours!

  28. It’s o.k. to sometimes carry around a gold, man’s pocket watch. You know, just for old times’ sake.

  29. Never, ever say ‘goodbye’ to anyone in a field, it’s way too traumatic for your fans.

(from Karen)
  1. That Andrew's hair styles were really a good way to get discussions started.

  2. That it was okay to adore an imaginary TV character and that some wouldn't think that I was playing with less than a full deck of cards because of it.

  3. That Lady JenniAnn has a serious obsession with Andrew and his well being.

  4. That LJA's emotional state can be quite unstable at times and that Andrew is the only person that seems to be able to help snap her out of it.

  5. That Andrew's tool belt is a very important part of his clothing accessories.

  6. That just about the only person that makes Andrew quiver is Tess.

  7. That when you get a gathering of females discussing Andrew that drool buckets are a necessity to have around.

  8. That Kiwi can wreak havoc among Andrew fans just by pulling out a pair of scissors.

  9. That when Jenni gets a crush on someone it is serious and can last for what seems like forever and that we get to hear a lot about that person whether we ask to or not.

  10. That Jenni has a very good imagination and can write some truly wonderful stories.

  11. That Jenni can some up with some really strange "top 10" subjects.

  12. That I really and truly do look forward to my next issue of JABB.

  13. That no matter how "old" you are or what you are that you can develop crushes on real and imaginary characters.

  14. That Dyeland is a really cool place to live and visit.

  15. That Dyelanders are really accepting of "different" types of living things, like Bunny, living in their country.

(from Liz)
  1. It's been proven that men are allowed to cry since they are human.

  2. Just looking at a picture (in particular the green shirt one) can start hearts afluttering.

  3. Green eyes are wonderful.

  4. Lady Beth will go out of her way to do her job even if it means getting a particular angel a little perturbed at her.

  5. Lady Beth does have some fantasies about a certain man who portrays that particular angel.

  6. A white shirt (or any good fitting shirt) with the first couple buttons undone and a nice pair of nicely fitting pants or jeans can cause havoc amongst the female admirers.

  7. That watching reruns and visiting certain sites can cause more fantasies to occur which could lead to some interesting stories that are written.

  8. Great friends are to be found when they click onto info regarding John Dye.

  9. That it's wonderful having a birthday at the beginning of February cause my birthday is only 3 days after John's (and I'm only 2 years younger than him).

  10. That there's even more of a reason to want to visit San Francisco.

  11. It'll be nice to have an authentic Italian or Mexican meal cooked by JD.

  12. His hair can cause you to want to run your hands through it no matter what season it is.

  13. We're curious as to what Andrew (and JD) look like with a beard.

  14. I always look forward to watching his hands and seeing his arms.

  15. I would like to see him in shorts more often (or even in a bathing suit sitting by a pool).

  16. I'm curious as to what he looks like after a workout (being all hot and sweaty).

  17. Only certain men can look good with a tool belt on.

(from Jarrod)
  1. That in the midst of a crisis or mayhem that could be going on if you were to get all of the Androolers in one spot and just say the words "Tool belt, White Shirt, Angel Boy" a hush comes over the room as the Androolers' eyes glaze over in thought of Andrew and calmness will be preserved for a little while.

  2. When I was the active bodyguard to the AOD that you have to be creative and inventive as to ways to keep him safe.

  3. That I am still the only Male that is not an Angel involved with JABB from it's creation.

  4. That when I watch TBAA and Andrew comes on I think of all JABB members.

  5. That I pay attention to what Andrew is wearing in TBAA b/c of people on the list and the things that they have mentioned over the years.

  6. That we all need to believe in Angels of Death for some reason or another.

  7. That there must be a reason people gush over Andrew.

  8. That Andrew blushes a lot when in a chat.

  9. That Andrew hates chicken costumes almost as much as he dislikes Halloween.

  10. That Andrew doesn't like when I talk of hiding him during the earlier kidnapping escapades.

  11. That Andrew needs to stay in Dyeland more often.

  12. That trouble always finds the AODs.

  13. That too many lattes make LJA a little bit crazy. J/K

  14. That kiwis are a delicious fruit, but a certain Kiwi person is DYELUSIONAL.

  15. That JABB now has a play list.

  16. That JABB members are very creative and talented.

  17. That trying to come up with “200 Things I've Learned from JABB” is not as easy at it sounds.

  18. That we have a drinking game for JABB.

  19. That Dyeland has its own Psychological System.

  20. That topics of John/Andrew's hair are still a major discussion today.

  21. That most of JABB's members have fictional characters.

  22. That even the Elf Legolas has made appearances in JABB.

  23. That there is a Magic 8 Ball that is consulted about vital JABB issues.

  24. That Orange Juice and Ginger Ale is a favorite drink of some Angels and JABB members.

  25. That Andrew's pocket watch means a lot to the list.

  26. That Andrew can't get away with much without the list finding out!

  27. That Andrew drives a bus really fast!

  28. That we make up our own words in Dyeland.

  29. That while living on Tess' Island, it is hard to avoid her "Tough Love" at times.

  30. That blushing and sighing is a WAY of life in Dyeland.

  31. That Andrew is "Object A", and Jenni is "Object B" and "Object B" really should be called "Object J".

  32. That a lot of the Angels make appearances in most JABB's.

  33. That there is such a thing as "State of Androoler's Address".

  34. That Andrew's hair is a HUGE deal for the list.

  35. I've learned that Andrew began to hate Halloween in 1632.

  36. That photos of Andrew in a Batman suit would prove very useful.

  37. That RENT became a big part of JABB.

  38. That you can't mention RENT without someone breaking into a song.

  39. That Andrew frequents many peoples dreams.

  40. That Adam can make a delicious Non-Turkey, Turkey.

  41. That being in 2 places at once is difficult unless you are Andrew.

  42. That the Encyclo is very helpful in trying to figure out 200 things.

  43. That JABB's authors wanted to bring ALF back.

  44. That Andrew Dejon, Jr. couldn't be Andrew's son.

  45. That Andrew Dyetess was a mysterious disease in New Zealand.

  46. That there was "The Androoler's Choice Awards".

  47. That Andrew can make JABB members cry very easily.

  48. That Andrew, Tess, Monica, Adam, Gloria and all of the other Angels are good to have dreams of when stressed out about something important.

  49. That some of the greatest and best friends I've ever had, I've met through JABB/TBAA.

  50. That no matter what is going on in your life, members of JABB are always there and always make you feel better.

  51. To stay away from Bunny if she has any Duct Tape.

  52. That even though some people have left the group and haven't shown back up, we still remember them.

  53. That you can make LJA, easily.

  54. That Andrew doesn't like to cross Tess.

  55. That John's other characters he has played end up in JABB issues.

  56. That "Don't Fear the Reaper" can be used for a wedding song.

  57. January 31st is considered "Dye Day" in Dyeland and celebrated.

  58. JABB's Anniversary is on July 19th.

  59. JABB issues can parody movies or books.

  60. Both Audrey and Jenni's Moms helped to write an issue of JABB.

  61. JABB has an "Ask Andrew" every now and then.

  62. CABB was first an April Fools Joke, that has now taken on a new meaning.

  63. Carrot Top even made it into JABB.  Why is beyond me?!

(from Jenni)
  1. That it's definitely possible to write JABB whilst hooked up to an IV. It just might not make much sense later on... But then how much of JABB really does?

  2. That only so many people will understand why a turkey sighting is a big emotional moment for me and that most of those people are on JABB.

  3. How to make web pages! And lots of em!

  4. If you stick around in a chat room with TBAA fans until the wee hours of the morning, you may end up running a fan club for 8+ years.

  5. The Canadians are lucky. They get TBAA 3+ times a day!

  6. That just because TBAA never told us when Andrew was created is no reason not to celebrate his birthday every September 20th.

  7. I'm glad I didn't live in the 1600s in a town called Shiloh.

  8. Haagen-Dazs Light Coffee ice cream makes the sting of watching Eric Manion bed a prostitute go away. Or at least dulls it.

  9. Chihuahuas are always good for a few jokes.

  10. Looking back at older JABBs can be cringe-inducing.

  11. If you're going to make up a fictional counterpart for yourself, think up a good name. Don't use a variation on your own name. Else you could get stuck being associated with some wacko named Lady JenniAnn.

  12. I will never fully understand Monica's actions (or inactions) in “The Journalist.”

  13. That if TBAA won't give you Andrew on trial for murder, sometimes the only solution is to put Andrew on trial for murder yourself.

  14. Hiatuses are bad, bad things and I should never go on them.

  15. Gloria is always good for needed humor in an otherwise serious JABB.

  16. That it's good to be the creator and maintainer of the Dyeland map. Makes it easy to ensure my fictional counterpart remains Andrew's closest neighbor. ;-)

  17. My “Save the Turkeys!!” tee from will get me curious looks.

  18. Some people actually have read every JABB newsletter and will still talk to me despite that.

  19. Very few people seem to thoroughly enjoy the episode “Venice.”

  20. Henry didn't really melt after uttering the words “I'll be back again someday. Thumpety thump thump.”

  21. If a person pretends to be evil just so they can keep Andrew safe from a mad scientist, Tess will not be pleased and will order that person to do yard work.

  22. Digital cameras are awesome!

  23. JABB is one of the few places where you can admit to being obsessed with an angel of death and not be thought macabre.

  24. Adam invented tie-dying.

  25. Andrew quotes make for really cool domain names a la

  26. Sometimes things that start out silly and goofy can end up meaning the most.

  27. Some crushes are worth getting teased over.

(from Sezza)
  1. That there are people as crazy/crazy as me in the world.

  2. That there is a place called Dyeland.

(from Claudia)

  1. That I'm not the only crazily obsessed fangirl of John Dye + Andrew.

  2. That it's okay to love both Adam and Andrew.

  3. That Dyeland is a real place and not made up in my own head. It is real. Really real. Honest! *grins*

  4. That there are very creative Touched By An Angel fans out there and I'm not the only one!

  5. That it's okay to love Andrew and John Dye. More than you should.

(from Tara)

  1. That John and Andrew's hair, both, are very valuable. and if handed over to the wrong person (mums the name of that person!) the world would be in terrible danger...

  2. That I can use Andrew's watch in order to get to Androoler University on time! Not that it ever works for me. I just like looking at Andrew's watch. =)

  3. That J.A.B.B. members never make it past the 12th step in the Twelve Step program (in which to overcome your obsession), but all have passed the first step... (In which we have to admit our addiction!)  And that we completely ignore Step three... (Our obsession isn't healthy...) Who cares? We'll get to see Andrew sooner... ;)  (Of course, not for real. Just in our dreams.)

  4. That JABBers have been through some great times together. But when the times get tough, we have learned to lean on each other through the lessons taught in T.B.A.A., and various other ways because of the existence of J.A.B.B.

(from Lady JenniAnn)
  1. That the whole Andrew-on-trial-for-murder fantasy wasn't near as fun when it actually happened and, in fact, quite traumatizing.

  2. That it is important to be who you are. Even if you are obsessed with Andrew.

  3. That there apparently are photos of Andrew in a Batman Suit!!!

  4. That watching "The Journalist" in your emergency wedding dress makes it even better!

  5. That life is way more fun when angels of death are involved.

  6. That it's okay to pretend to be evil if you're only doing it to be with Andrew.

  7. That if "Trading Spaces" ever comes to Dyeland, I'd rather Frank did my room than Hildi.

  8. Not to ride in a bus driven by Andrew unless you enjoy speeding.

  9. That Andrew is very generous and will even give up his horse.

  10. Andrew is my very dear Skin Horse.

(from Andrew)
  1. That if I ever try to say "Goodbye" to someone in a field, I will be tackled.

  2. Fields are a good place to meet people, not just say good bye. I met the Dyelanders in the Fields of Gold.

  3. That if I cut my hair, I should keep the clippings to warm hairless dogs.

  4. That certain individuals besides Tess have nicknames for me like “Dear Old Brick” and the “Jack o' Lantern of Death.”

  5. That people have an interesting desire to see me in jail.

  6. That the people in JABB really care about each other.

  7. That they accept me for who I am, while others might get scared.

  8. That photos of Adam and Henry in horrible make up can be good to have.

  9. That if I ever decided to participate in a KISS tribute band I should destroy all evidence later.

  10. That Halloween can be fun but only sometimes and when you're with the right people in the right place. Like Dyeland.

  11. That Monica's coffee obsession carries over into Dyeland.

  12. That people will notice how many buttons I button on my shirts.

  13. That Adam's beard was beloved by many people.

  14. That if a certain lady comes to your door and sings part of RENT you better do what she says.

  15. That JenniAnn is prone to exaggerating in my favor.

  16. That when writing a list of 200 Things it is easy to get side tracked.

  17. That if you want a dog and an actor playing you says you want one on TV you will get a dog named Lulu.

  18. It's a good thing to help JenniAnn write JABB. If you don't she may have to write it with her 8 Ball.

  19. That I'm glad I'm not Eric Manion. He'd have a hard time in Dyeland.

  20. That if a Dyelander ever fails to invite me to their wedding, the rest of the Dyelanders will take it as a personal offense. And I will end up with LJA on a speeding bus.

  21. That I should be careful reading fan fiction.

  22. I should dance with my umbrella more.

  23. How to make turkeys out of hand prints.

  24. That I have figured into some people's college papers.

  25. Dyelanders typically love and care for animals of all different species. There are frogs, dogs, llamas, turkeys, horses...

  26. There is no shortage of people willing to go with me to Paris.

  27. The Dyelanders are a great group of people that have supported me through a murder trial, the recollection of an assignment that broke my heart, and a lot more. I'm very grateful to them.

And last, but not least, from Jarrod we have...

  1. I've learned that you should know The 12 Steps of JABB and try as hard as you can to live by them. Especially kissing the TV screen, imagine how dusty it is. Yuck!! LOL
To see what newsletters and TBAA episodes inspired some of these list items click here!

BIG thanks to everyone who helped write this issue.  It couldn't have been done with out you!  Special thanks to Jarrod for organizing a chat to gather things for the 200 items list.  Kept me from prowling the JABB site at all hours of the night!

JABB 201

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