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Hi everyone and welcome to our 20th JABB (yea!!). A special welcome to our many new members. If any of you would like to be added to our birthday list just send in your birthday (we don't need the year) that would be great! We've had a big drought in birthdays lately. Also in a future JABB we might write a story which would include the names of every JABB member (no last names). If you do NOT want your name in it please let us know as soon as possible. Well, onto JABB 20!


My name is Ellie McLain, I'm 26 years old and sadly, still single. I live in Tucson, AZ and have for most of my life even though I was born in Massachusetts. I work for a major commercial credit reporting company, which is okay, but not my life's dream, however the people I work with are great so that makes up for the job, I guess. I am the oldest of three girls and am VERY close to them and my mother, we won't talk about my father. My middle sister is married and has two beautiful girls, who I love to spoil!!

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, I'll introduce myself. My name is Ronelle, I'm 19, I'm going to college in Ankeny, Iowa. I'm a recent convert to TBAA, watching re-runs on Pax TV mostly, but Sunday night shows when possible.(I celebrete my two month anniversary of watching the show on Pax today, just in case you're interested.)


Dear dear earring, how you I wish to be

So that I could pierce the ear of someone so dear to me.

No blood would I spill at the site of this altar

And no longer would my life falter

I could sit and stare and stare

From my altar, at your hair

And place in the hole I leave behind

the golden stud that for you I will find.

Why, John Dye how great you look!

With this stud that for you I took

And when the gun popped in your ear

and your body, how it did rear!

Amazed was I, to see such fear!

In the angel I hold so near!

But a wimp you sure are

My dear departed star

And I retract my statement of wanting to be

The ring that was to pierce an ear so dear to me

And the stud that I took, I'll kindly return

And my lesson I did learn!

Dear sweet chicken, with ear pierced by force

Next time I hear of you being manly, I'll be sure to check my source!


*Earring references to John's getting his ear pierced on the View

Movie Reviews

Ok all, here are my reviews of the John movies I have seen as well as some heaven/angel ones. If you've seen any other movies starring John or that have an angelic scene send in a review! I figure with summer coming people may have time for movie watching. Keep in mind I haven't seen some of these in a while so if my memories are kinda fuzzy that's why and also these are strictly my opinion. If you want more details let me know I just didn't want to give anything away.


Mother, Mother-This one you might have trouble finding but if you can I'd highly suggest it. Its only about 30 minutes long but really good. In it Jeff (John) is a gay man whose partner died of AIDS. He now has the disease and wants to reconcile with his estranged mother before he dies. Its really sad but I think John's acting in this is better than in his other movies that were mostly humorous and/or action.

Sioux City- I liked this movie, maybe just cause the real Sioux City isn't far from me. It's a good movie but if you go to see it just for John you will be disappointed. He's only in it for the first 10 minutes at the most and he has a beard lol. He's a doctor and Lou Diamond Phillips is his coworker and star of the film. The Native American folklore is really cool but I can't vouch for how much of it is authentic.

Billionaire Boys Club- Scary! Judd Nelson is the leader of a business composed of his old schoolmates. What starts out as a money making corporation for the guys ends with murder and lies. From the psychological perspective its very interesting seeing how Joe (Nelson) brainwashes the guys into following him. Its kinda a glimpse into why people join cults and gangs. John plays one of the members of the BBC. He doesn't star but is in it quite a bit.

Campus Man- Okay John actually stars in this one. If you like 80s movies this one's for you! LOL I love 80s movies. Anyway like in BBC John plays a guy trying to get to the top in the world of business (but no murder, just a lil deception and betrayal). To make money Todd (John) makes a calendar of the athletes on his college campus and sells it. A big corporation gets a hold of his calendar and offers Todd a great offer to work with them. Only catch is he may end up hurting a friend. Will he? Go rent it and see! LOL Its really funny and sentimental in the way only 80s movies can be :-)

Big Man on Campus- Well, umm I actually never finished watching this. John's in it very little and has only a few speaking lines. It seems to be an updated form of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It may very well be an OK movie but I just haven't been able to get through it all yet. I'd say watch this only if you can't find any other of John's movies.

Best of the Best- Okay normally I wouldn't have ever rented this movie if not for John. If you like karate movies you will probably really like this one. I don't much care for them but for a karate movie this one was pretty good. It's about a group of karate guys (is there a technical name for them?) who travel to I think Korea for a big showdown. John is Virgil, one of the karate guys, and he has some cute/funny scenes and you get to see him fight (whether that's a good or bad thing I don't know :-) I think he evens dances a bit but not positive.

Perfect Weapon- An action movie I would never have seen if not for John. I just don't much like action movies but for the sake of John I'd say watch this one :-) He's a police officer (or maybe detective?) in it.....Although to the best of my recollection he doesn't wear a uniform. His name is Adam in it and he's the star's brother.

Making the Grade- Also stars Judd Nelson. John isn't in it a whole lot but more than in others. Best part is he's only supposed to be in High School in it! He's totally preppy but I wish guys around here looked like him. LOL Ok umm storyline... A rich kid gets another kid to pretend to be him while he relaxes and ditches school.

Ok here's just a couple angel/heaven ones. We might follow up with some more later.

Soultaker- LOL ok so maybe this one isn't so heavenly. To be honest it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The movie stars two angels of death who run around trying to capture the souls of a bunch of teens. A very, very pessimistic look at the after life. So I just wanted to warn you all do not fall for it's innocent appearance like I did. I saw it was about AODs, got all excited, watched it all, and never wanted to see it again! The only resemblance to our wonderful Andrew was that one AOD had a pocket watch :-) Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured Soultaker earlier this season though and if you happen to catch it again watch it! Their wisecracks about it are hilarious. (If you actually saw this movie and liked it please send in a review. Its nice to have 2 sides.)

City of Angels- This one I liked. Didn't exactly fit my idea of angels but I still really liked it. Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan star. Cage plays an angel (possibly an AOD) who falls in love with Ryan who is a doctor. Only catch is that to be with Maggie (Ryan), Seth (Cage) must give up his angelhood. Will he? I'm not gonna say :-)

What Dreams May Come- Okay, I heard you either love this movie or hate it. Well, I loved it! Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors and he is excellent in this. I think if you can get past some rather odd ideas about heaven and hell you will enjoy it. Just be open minded and realize that it will probably not match what you believe. Anyway Williams plays Chris, a man whose children died in a car crash. About four years later he dies, leaving his wife alone. He is then taken to heaven and later finds out his wife killed herself. As a result she goes to her own personal hell and it's up to Chris to get her out. Cuba Gooding Jr. also stars. The movie has some great quotes and scenes that will melt your heart. Well, they did mine anyway :-)



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