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Newsletter 2

Hey J.A.B.B! Our obsessions have been thrown a curve! Our precious angelboy and his perfect hair has been altered! Well, his hair has! We'd like you to tell us if you give his new do a thumbs up or down. We'll tally up the votes and see whether or not short hair is liked on him! Not that him cutting his hair changes our obsessions or anything!

Jenni came up with a little contest for us to try. Make as many words as you can out of JOHN CARROLL DYE. Send the words you come up with to Jenni. Winners can also expect a little prize. Something to remember John by!

Also, one of your fellow J.A.B.B. members came up with a good idea. We felt it may be interesting for members to post introductions about themselves so we could all get to know each other a little bit better. If you would like to post an intro please email it to Jenni. We ask that it be no more than 10 lines in length. This is in no way mandatory if you don't want to post an intro then that is fine.  [Update: We really don't care how long the intro is, just so long as it's not a book!]

And one last thing. We'd like to make sure that attachments won't be a problem. And if you cannot receive them if us sending them will in anyway mess up the e-mail.

Please send all responses to the hair vote, word game, or intros to Jenni before August 21, 1998, as I will be out of the country on a cruise this up coming week!

Thank you,
Audrey and Jenni

Here is an updated keepers list.

Jenni is the keeper of Andrew/John's integrity/innocence
Audrey the keeper of his good humor
Susan is "Keeper of Angel Boy's compassion"
Barbara is the keeper of his gentle nature.
Sara is the keeper of his beauty/faith/strenght/hair!
Amanda is keeper of Truth
Sharon Keeper of Kindness
Julie Keeper Smiles/Lips
Jarrod Keeper of Sanity of all Androolers or John's bodyguard
Kimberly is keeper of his generous heart
Kolya Lynne is Keeper of his green eyes
Kristen is keeper of blushes/dimples/never ending love
Jennifer keeps his angelic presence
Catherine Cobb Keeper of Andrew's gift of eternity
Ali is keeper of aura.
Tammi keeper of his shampoo
Angie Keeper of his friendships with Tess and Monica/the special way he brings people Home
Darla is Keeper of Andrew's/John's positive effect on people.
Leigh is keeper of his eyebrows
Jen is Keeper of his Trust.
Emily Keeper of his Honor and Pure Spirit
Carolyn is keeper of his leather jacket & jeans
Denise keeper tools!!!!!!!!
Sarah is keeper of Andrew's Toolbelt!
Jennie is Keeper of Andrew's Halloween Candy
Angelia Keeper of his hugs and tears
Teri is keeper of the pocket watch

John Dye/Andrew

A dazzling smile is bestowed on me.
I look to you from across the sea.
Death, they say, you represent,
but it's just an act, a loving hint.
You show me things I've never seen
Make me think of what things really mean.
Show me life in more ways than one
And make me smile and have some fun!
A distant figure miles away
Yet I see you every day.
I see your face, your deep green eyes
Your perfect hair, I hear your sighs
An Angel of Death you do portray,
But it seems much more with each passing day.
A tv figure, a little girl's dying hope.
You show us God, and He helps us cope.
A gentle touch, a lovely face
An encouraging word, a strong embrace
It seems so odd, the little things you do
Can help so much, to see us though
The dark times in our lives
of deaths and hurts and truths and lies.
A smiling face, miles away
Strange how much you brighten our day.


Audrey: Hey! I found out what really happened to John's hair.

JenniAnn: Really? What?!

Audrey: Well, it's supposed to be a secret and I'm not supposed to tell anyone.

JenniAnn: Oh, come on. It's just me.

Audrey: Oh, ok. This is *just between me and you.* GOT IT?!

JenniAnn: Yeah, me and you. Got it.

Audrey: Well, it turns out that John's hair wasn't cut off by Sara as we have been lead to believe. That's just a cover up.

JenniAnn: Really?! So everyone's ready to jump Jarrod for no reason!

Audrey: Yup. Turns out that his hair has been relocated. It's in the witness protection program.

JenniAnn: Really?! Why?

Audrey: Well, John's hair witnessed something it shouldn't have. Now that person whom it witnessed is after it.

JenniAnn: Wow! Must have been something big!

Audrey: You can only imagine.

JenniAnn: So, what'd it see?!

Audrey: Remember, just between you and me. If this gets out I'm dead.

JenniAnn: OK! So, spill it!

Audrey: John's hair saw Della shave off Alex Cruz's hair w/o his permission!

: His hair actually saw that! Lucky.

Not lucky at all. Della forced her body upon him and held him there while she shaved him! He got on her bad side, ya know.

: I didn't know that!

And you still don't.

: Gotchya!

Audrey: Della found out there was a witness. . . John's hair. So she set out to destroy it. But some government agency found it first. They went above Jarrod's head and shaved John bald right after "God and Country."

JenniAnn: So what happened to his hair? Where is it?

Audrey: Well the FBI or CIA or something or other relocated it to Northern Ireland. That way Roma can still have contact with it. They relocated it to a cold, hairless Chihuahua who is putting it to good use.

JenniAnn: What?! You've got to be kidding! A Chihuahua? A cold, hairless Chihuahua?!

Audrey: Yup. After "God and Country" John had been wearing a wig. Della finally confronted John's hair and tried to shave him bald, but to her surprise he already was.

JenniAnn: Wow. I didn't know Della was like that.

Audrey: Neither did they. So now they are all in some danger. Della won't hurt her 'Love Juice' or her 'Baby Girl.' But she's making their lives miserable. She wants to find his hair.

JenniAnn: Wow this is serious.

Audrey: Yes it is. I told you his hair is in Ireland so Roma can keep contact with it. But she doesn't know. If she did, Della would pry it out of her. So now, the only people that know where John's hair is are you, me, and a few special agents.

JenniAnn: Wow. Does Della know this?

Audrey: Nope. If she did I'd be dead. And now, so would you.

JenniAnn: Is that why on ET she didn't seem thrilled about John's new do?

Audrey: Yup. And that story about them dating. They aren't in love. They are in danger. Della's a tough one.

JenniAnn: So you mean that they aren't going out, but protecting each other.

Audrey: Yup.

JenniAnn: This is so weird. I never thought Della the type.

Audrey: Neither did I.

JenniAnn: This is so surprising. I can't believe it.

Audrey: Remember. This is just between you and me. From my fingers to your eyes.

JenniAnn: Got it!

Audrey: Good.

Newsletter 3