Hello everyone!
Welcome to yet another exciting issue! And I definitely mean it this time. There are some changes in store for JABB that I'm really very happy about. So, before I present you all with another fun-filled JABB double issue, I'd like to fill you all in on those changes.

Since JABB was founded in 1998 by Audrey, Barbara, Jarrod, and myself, it has been kept going by two co-presidents and the encouragement of its members. I've been lucky enough to be a co-president the entire time. First, and longest, with Audrey and most recently with Karen. However, as many of you know, Karen has been offline for the past several months. So between that and changes in my own life it seemed necessary to take a look at how JABB is run, written, and managed. It has been my decision to move away from the co-president format and instead rely on a team of people. In thinking about who to ask to join Karen and myself, I considered who I have routinely relied on for related advice, proofreading skills, and much more. So it is my honor to welcome Jess and Liz as the newest members of what we have decided to call the JABB Sisterhood. While we'll all be collaborating on JABB in a myriad of ways, we did designate the following titles for ourselves that we hope make our areas of expertise clear.

Jenni- Co-Founder and Head Writer of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade
Jess- Homeworld Security, Director of Photography, and Creative Collaborator for JABB
Liz- Editor-in-Chief and Head Solutions Master for JABB
Karen- Consultant for JABB

Jess and Liz have both been acting as co-moderators on our Yahoogroup for months now so I look forward to working with them on this portion of JABB as well! As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I’ve set up an email address that all members of the JABB Sisterhood will be able to access. So if you’d like to contact us all at once you can send an email to sisterhood@onthisside.net (UPDATE: Since the JABB Sisterhood is no longer in existence, this email address has been disabled.  Please contact Jenni instead). Now, I hope you enjoy the following!

God bless,
Co-Founder and Head Writer
If you would like to read more of our “Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer” feature please visit the link below:

JABB 196 Option 1- Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer Part Deux
This issue is also Dyeland’s summer camp issue. So if you’d like to imagine what it might be like to attend camp with a couple AODs, some of their friends, and a few obsessed fans click below:

JABB 196 Option 2- Summer Camp in Dyeland!
Thanks for being a part of JABB! Hope you enjoy this issue!

JABB 197