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“Thank God for kids, there's magic for a while.
A special kind of sunshine in a smile.
Do you ever stop to think or wonder why
the nearest thing to Heaven is a child?”
~ from the Oak Ridge Boys’ hit “Thank God for Kids”
Written by Eddy Raven

Hello everyone!

Well, here we are at JABB 191...  Wow!  I had to bump up the date on this one cause somewhere along the line I got off schedule and I want to make sure there’s an issue lined up for the 13th of May.  But more on that later!  This is more of a group-business sort of issue so I’m just gonna jump right in.

As many of you know, my co-president Karen has been offline for some months and will probly continue to be for a bit yet.  So I’ve had to take on a new co-president.  Unlike previous times, I opted to choose from outside the JABB ranks.  I hope you all agree with my decision.  Because I want you all to know a bit about our new co-president and her stances on important Andrew-themed issues, I thought it would be good if I interviewed her.  So below please read the interview I conducted with Lila, our newest co-president!

God bless,

Me:  Lila, thanks again for agreeing to take on this vital JABB role.  So, if you had to describe John Dye in one word, what would it be?

Lila:  Ah-ta!  Ah-ta!

Me:  Huh… okay.  How about Andrew?

Lila:  Bababababa.

Me:  Right…  I would have gone for adorable or may be gentle or compassionate but, uh, I guess that works.  So… have a favorite TBAA episode?

Lila:  Eh!  Eh!  ::tried to pry pop/soda can out of box::  EEEEE!!!  Medo…  AAAAH!

Me:  I guess I don’t remember that one.  And no.  No pop.  No… no.  So, um, what do you see as the main skill you’ll be bringing to JABB?

Lila:  ::proceeded to put forehead on floor and her behind in the air as if starting a headstand but just remained frozen for a few moments::

Me:  ::frowned::  I’m not really sure how we’ll use that…  Okay, well, let’s just look at photos of our beloved Andrew and if you’ll just give me your reactions to each shot that could be fun!  Okay, how about… this one!

Lila:  ::clapped enthusiastically::

Me:  ::enthralled by photo, I sighed, then remembered I was actually doing something::  Oh right!  And your thoughts on this one?

Lila:  Dada.  Dada.  Duhduhduh.

Me:  ::went pale::  Wh-what?!?  He’s not your dad!  An-Andrew can’t be!  He… he wouldn’t!  Oh Andrew, why hast thou betrayed me???  ::clunked head on desk::

Lila:  Uh oh.  ::giggled then grabbed a nearby book::  Da-da.  ::went and looked out the window::  Da-da!

Me:  ::lifted my head up, smiled::  Oh!  You just say that a lot.  Andrew isn’t really your dad.  Whew.  So… hey!  No Cheerios!  It’s almost lunch!

Lila:  BA!  BA!  ::stomped feet::

Me:  Listen, this sort of behavior does not befit such an esteemed person as a JABB co-president, missy! 

Lila:  See-see-see.

Me:  Okay, let’s try this again.  Do you prefer Andrew with short hair or long hair?

Lila:  Lubdub.  Lubdub.

Me:  ::raises eye brows:: Lubdub?  Love… dove!  Love dove!  You love the dove!  Me too!  Yeah, it’s totally awesome how most episodes would end with the dove flying away!  See, now we’re talking!  Hey you wanna take over typing this, my wrists kinda hurt.  ::stepped away from keyboard, Lila took over::

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccjnxcx ccccccccccc

Of course, by then, I realized Lila was not JABB co-president material and thus ended her very short tenure.  I thanked her for her time and received a “tank ooh” in return.  

I should probly point out that Lila is, in fact, the one-year-old I babysit.  I changed her name to protect the very innocent.  ;-)  She has a fairly uncommon name and I had visions of a teenaged “Lila” hopping on the net to research her name and pulling up JABB and thinking “OMG!  My babysitter *really* was nuts!” 

I had the idea for this issue when I was working on the Photo Gallery and Lila toddled up and said “Dada!”  I thought it was hilariously inappropriate as it was a page of Andrew photos.  She then proceeded to call our backdoor window and assorted other items “dada.”  Another day she came up to me when I was editing a JABB page and began to type herself.  The excesses of x’s, z’s and c’s you see above are, in fact, her work.  I should probly also make it clear that while the language is hers (as best as I could transcribe it), my words and actions were added in later.  I did not bang my head on the desk in front of the impressionable lil one.  Just wanted that clear.  ;-) 

Oh and Karen is still co-president.  Until the end of the month when I dub my trusty Magic 8 Ball as her successor and write another issue with it.  Just kidding!

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this rather short, childish issue.  Join us again on the 13th when we celebrate “The Commemoration of the Murder Trial That Wasn’t Then Was.”  I’ll be handing that issue over to the folks in Dyeland and I understand they plan on having their own themed award show… the Trialies.   (Fantastic...)  If you would like to take a look back on the very first “Commemoration” during which, “coincidentally,” Andrew was arrested and put on trial for murder then you can check out JABB 163 aka “Nor Iron Bars a Prison.”  Until the 13th… happy Androoling!

JABB 192

(Photo Credits: The photographs used on this page are from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  They are not being used to seek profit.)