Congrats, Jess, on finding all the Easter eggs and winning!

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Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'
~ Robin Williams

Hello everyone and a blessed Passover and Easter to you all!

This issue is a few days earlier than I intended but I had an idea that I just didn't want to let pass by.  I'm sure many of you, like myself, have fun memories of searching for eggs the Easter bunny had hidden around your yard and/or home.  Well, the Easter bunny has come to JABB!  Or rather I have taken on the role myself.  I have hidden 18 Easter eggs around the JABB site (meaning any site with in its url) for our first-ever Easter Egg Hunt.  Please read the rules below if you plan to participate.  Else just skip on down to the top ten.

God bless,

Easter Egg Hunt Rules

Okay, the eggs I have hidden look something like this:

Whomever finds the most eggs and sends me the urls of the JABB pages they found them on no later than Thursday April 13th at 8 PM Central is eligible for a reward. If more than one person finds the same amount of eggs, I will use JABB/JD/TBAA trivia quizzes as tie-breakers until we have a single winner.  Once the winner is selected they will be able to pick a prize(s) totalling no more than $25 (including shipping and handling charges) from either JABB's Store or our store.  If you have any questions (except for "Where are the eggs? :-) please contact me

And now...

Top Ten Signs Spring Has Come to Dyeland

10.  Monica has taken to ordering mocha fraps instead of mocha lattes because of the increased temperature.

9.  Andrew keeps getting phone calls in the middle of the night from Dyelanders claiming to be afraid of spring's thunderstorms. 

8.  Inspired by the lovely weather, Adam takes to singing songs from the tropically-set "South Pacific" instead of "Fiddler on the Roof."  Unfortunately he later learns this is a big mistake when he hits "Younger than Springtime" and sings the lyrics "Angel and lover, heaven and earth, Am I with you!"

7.  Not to be outdone, several Dyelanders attempt to sing the song "The Lusty Month of May" from "Camelot."  They cast particularly pointed, lovelorn looks at Andrew when they come to the line: "Those dreary vows that everyone takes, everyone breaks.  Everyone makes divine mistakes.  The lusty month of May!"

6.  Adam and Andrew give their annual lecture to the high school and college students: "Spring Break: Keep Safe, Keep Dressed."

5.  Adam's turkeys, Ted and Tom, start strutting around and puffing up their feathers...  Umm... I think someone should look into obtaining a Tina and a Trish possibly. 

4.  Andrew sighs with relief.  Those Andrewesque snowmen that dotted the Dyeland winterscape were really starting to creep him out.

3.  This is the perfect time to plant those flower arrangements that spell out "I Love Andrew" and the like when viewed from the sky.  Or you can mow your castle's/cottage's/house's lawn to spell out these messages.  Then claim aliens did it.  Because Androoling is not just for earthlings!

2.  Two words: short sleeves.  Yes, I know many of us love the leather jacket and the flannel shirts but... Andrew has nice arms...  And according the Bill of Rights we are constitutionally guaranteed the right to see his bare arms.

1.  Not only do spring storms bring about desperate, late-night phone calls, they also bring out clogged gutters.  Which means someone needs to clean the gutters.  And I think Andrew and his tool belt will be able to handle that task quite nicely.  And thus gutter-unclogging becomes a spectator sport. ::Winks to my friends at the JABB YahooGroup!::

JABB 190

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