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Okay now this is the real deal! We hope you enjoyed our lil April Fools joke. We turned the entire newsletter into redneck dialect using the Dialectizer at

Hi JABBers! Welcome to our 18th issue! We'd like to wish everyone a great Easter and wonderful Passover and just a beautiful Spring! We'd like to welcome our new members and we hope you enjoy JABB a lot! We also have a very important announcement in this issue! Now onto intros......


Hi, I'm Sandy and I'm 40 and I'm an ANDROOLER! I live in Orange Park, FL. and work in a child care center. I like to "play" on my computer (any new TBAA sites would be appreciated) I'm an avid yard sale/flea market shopper, I collect anything on John and TBAA, and dolphins, Snoopy, Coke bears, and The Monkees. My favorite TBAA shows are The Journalist (especially the scene of Andrew praying on the stairs), and Flight of Angels. My favorite John movie is "Best of the Best" I can mouth ALL the words to this movie. I have enjoyed all the JABB stuff I've read so far, and I hope to keep in touch with all the DYEnites on this site. I'm the newest "keeper" I'm the keeper of John's mustache (he had one in 1989) and his dreams. Thanks for being there.

Name:Amanda but everyone online calls me LadyAndrew

Age:15 Likes:reading,writing,John/Andrew

D.O.B March 17 Dislikes:chocolate (not I'm not lying)

Anything else you need just ask

ABC's with John!!!

Alphabetical Tribute to our Favorite Actor (these are words which can be attributed to John and Andrew I think you'll agree 100% !!)



























John Dye Rules!!

Andrew Rules !!

Hope you all like it


Thanks Pam!


Imagine if you will a night at home in a warm cozy chair. Imagine turning on the television expecting to find your favorite show and being extremely disappointed. Your disappointment does not stem from your show not being there, but from changes that have taken place. At one time, when you turned on Touched by an Angel, three beautiful/handsome angels appeared on the screen. Now you see one and an occasional other. But why has this happened? What caused "Touched by an Angel" to become "Touched by Monica"? Well, there are a number of reasons, and CBS wanting to get it's money's worth of young, urban males is among the most prominent. You sit there pondering when this occurrence took place. You remember, without any strain, all the times the breathtaking figure of John Carroll Dye walked on screen. You see his wavy blonde hair as if it was just placed in front of you. Yet as you glare at the program, you count John's air time to be a total of three minutes! As you rewind your tape to see if maybe you blinked and missed perhaps a nanosecond of him, you wonder what you could have done to transpose this outcome. Maybe, just maybe, if you had taken the time to write that letter many a day ago. . . . But why would you have then? The man had hundreds of letters to rummage though and the chances of him reading/replying to yours was beyond calculable. Maybe he didn't want to do the show, though all the articles you'd seen basically said otherwise, and you thought the time cut was his own choice and that you shouldn't waste your time writing to him because you were so sure hundreds of other rabid fans did the dirty work for you. So many times you sat and wanted to help protect the other shows because you knew soon, your show would go too, but still you didn't. You didn't fathom the consequences. You didn't realize that the executives would do what it could to save its top rated show, and the act they would deem best would be to lessen John's screen time so Ms. Downey could lure more "demographically" correct views. All the times you sat and thought, "one person *can't* make a difference." Well, here's your chance to prove yourself wrong. Write something to help let CBS know that we want to see more John. We want the costars to be exactly that: COstars! Join us in attempting to let CBS and the staff of Touched that we want to see John. And that having Roma Downey take over the show won't help ratings! Help us petition to see more John! It's your chance to make a difference! Don't let it pass by you, yet again.

So sign our virtual petition! For info on how to sign it go to, (link no longer exists)

If you have any further questions you can email us! Let's hear it for John!!!!!


Newsletter 19