Jenni's JABB 177 Playlist

Hi all!

Well… I (Jenni) am back! So long, hiatus! Can’t say I’ll miss ya! Anyhow, since this is my first newsletter officially back, it’s a rather packed one. First, of course, it’s Halloween which leads me to:

JABB 177 Option 1- Dyeland’s October Fun Festival!

With Lady JenniAnn absent, Andrew’s left to plan the annual Dyeland Halloween party. So what does our All Hallow’s Eve-hating AOD have in store? Who will show up on this magical, mysterious night? Read it, find out, and try your hand at the contest! If you’d like to participate in this fill-in-the-blank trivia contest, please review Contest Rules and Information. Please email me your answers no later than November 7th 2005 in order to be eligible for a prize.

JABB 177 Option 2- Jenni’s Hiatus Blog

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There’s just some thoughts I wrote in my Livejournal about what it’s like being on hiatus from JABB, the future of JABB, etc.

And I think that’s it. Good to be back (officially)!

God bless


Newsletter 178