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Hi all!

This is Jenni speaking to you from the not-so-distant past.  Ooooh...  Yeah, I know it'd be more impressive if I was speaking to you from the future but there's only so much a girl can do.  Especially when she's on hiatus.  So anyway, here I am writing this on the first day of August and you probly won't get it til sometime in October.  I'd like to thank Andrew, my sister, my dog, Colleen, and anyone else who wrote for JABB during my hiatus.  I'll leave it up to you all to guess who was legit and who wasn't.  :-)

I thought now would be a good time to do a proper issue about our web site.  Sorta a tutorial.  Cause it's occurred to me that in all the years we've had a web site, I've said precious little about it in the newsletter.  So that's what you'll find below.  Anyhow, I may be returning next newsletter from hiatus.  Or not.  Really who can guess when I'm writing this three months ahead of time?  May be something really exciting will have happened with John's career!  That'd be nice.  Ah well, I'm sure you've heard enough of my (by now) 3 month old chit-chat.  Onto the newsletter!
God bless,

(Ambivalence- Jenni's puter with out whom this site wouldn't be here)

How To Find Your Way Around the JABB Site
"So this is what Jenni did with her spare time for 6 years... Yikes..."
The first thing I suppose a person would need to know is where JABB is located.  After several years of shuffling around free web-hosting services, Jenni finally shelled out a few bucks and bought a domain name and webspace.  The result was, a reference to Andrew's popular quote from the episode "Random Acts".  "I just want you to know there's nothing to be afraid of. On one side, there is life. And on the other...there is life, too."  To the best of my recollection it was Sara who came up with it.  Anyhow, regardless of from whence it came the address for JABB is:
So you click on the bucket and are bombarded by a series of links.  It's those I plan to tell a bit about here.  The top section is pretty self-explanatory.  That's an archive of all the newsletters.  I usually try to update those at least every two months.  Whether I've kept up with that during hiatus, not sure.  Also in that section is our 12 Step program which was what we launched JABB with.  It was because we got so much amused feedback from those 12 lil items that JABB continues to this day.  You can also access our guestbook from that page.  I love getting new messages there though it doesn't happen very often!
Next comes the "Our Other Stuff" section which I felt deserved some explanation.  First you'll see a lavendar button that will take you to our store.  I make the bracelets and drool buckets and angels found there so if you're looking for an original gift for yourself or that special Androoler on your Christmas list... just lemme know.  Occasionally I do special promotions there so check back!
Below that are our "Green Pages".  Think of that as a sort of resume for the group.  The template came free with our domain name package and I couldn't resist making an actual professional looking page (complete with animated intro!).  Anyhow, that's just a brief look at what we do, who we are, etc.  There's also a second guestbook there which, at the time of writing this, has been signed by exactly one person... me.  LOL

Next comes our FAQ which is just some questions we often get.  Then our Odds and Ends which, as you might guess, is where random stuff that doesn't fit on other pages goes.  Disclaimers and Credits is where we thank people and try not to get sued.  About Us is a recent addition and tells a lil about real JABB members and a few of the key fictional characters.  If you'd like an "About Me" page please contact me as I'm feeling a lil goofy being the only real person with a page!
Next comes our lil subsection of useful stuff.  Probly the only thing I need to explain there is the Encyclopedia.  Yes it is exactly what it sounds like.  I went through every single newsletter and picked out themes and recurring items and made an encyclopedia.  By going there you can find all the newsletters that reference, say, Andrew's leather jacket or all newsletters having to do with winter holidays.  In short, if you want to know something about JABB and don't wanna just come right out and ask check there first.  Also that's where the bulk of our snapshots are thanks to Jess!
Now, supposing you're just utterly bored.  Beyond just showing you what we've done in the past, JABB also has stuff *you* can do.  Contest Rules and Info is a must if you plan to participate in any future contests.  JABB Scoreboard is a collection of contests that have long since expired.  But you can still have fun with the trivia, scavenger hunts, and episode searches!  And if you're still bored, you can click on over to Dye Scouts where you can earn badges and a place on JABB's web space for completing various tasks!

To see what your fellow JABBers have all ready done, you can look through our next section.  Poems and Stories links to works members have either written themselves or pre-existent works that reminds them of Andrew, John, or fandom life.  For a behind-the-scenes (and crazed) look at JABB you can check out my Author's Cut and see all the stuff that never quite made it into a newsletter!  There you can read about sappy chihuahua love affairs, read way more about fringe JABB characters than you probly want to know, and find JenniAnn somehow mustering the strength to physically move Andrew.  Methinks the Senate may want to question her about steroid use...  Just think of it as a blend between the cut scenes section and the director commentary of JABB if it were a DVD.  Also, if you have a home page and want our members to know about it, consider our JABB Members Links section.
Finally we come to evidence of the depth our appreciation for the Blonde One will go...  You can click through pages and pages of renderings of Dyeland.  See Adam's island overrun by turkeys!  Ponder what it must be like for Andrew to live a mere two doors away from JenniAnn.  There you can examine the origins of the names of places in Dyeland, the official flowers of each city, and the completely useless laws!  Ponder the wisdom of a people who don't find it important to have, say, a mechanic but can't do with out their Renaissance Faire grounds!  LOL
Ever feel the urge to just spray paint "I love Andrew" in big letters on the wall of that building just around the corner?  Well, to curb that sort of hooliganism, JABB has it's own Graffiti Wall!  Email me to leave a message there!
Well, I think that about does it.  I hope this has helped some of you to be a bit more aware of what JABB has to offer!  Or may be it's just made you a lil bit more leery of giving your address to someone who once thought singing a lovelorn song from "Camelot" with Sidney's dad from "Alias" would be a cool thing to do.  :-) 
If you have any questions about the above or find any dead or incorrect links, please lemme know!  You can email me here or find my regular email address on our new Contact Info page.


(Photo Credits: The last two photographs used on this page are from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  They are not being used to seek profit.)