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 Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Just a note that there's a special birthday page up for Andrew.  You can check it out at  Happy birthday our dear, darling, sensitive, smart, very, very, very, veeerrry OLD angelic friend.  ;-)

With love,

An admirer


Candle Dispute Turns Messy at Birthday Party

By: Janie Dyefan

Dyeland City, Asteri-- This year Andrew’s birthday was bound to be different.  With party-planner and fancier, JenniAnn, out of town since August it was assumed this year would involve a quiet, less frenetic celebration.  However, that assumption proved misguided when a quiet soiree in the garden behind Willowveil erupted into a food fight. 

“There was some disagreement regarding how many candles to light.  One party wanted a slew to mark Andrew’s expansive number of years.  The other half wanted a modest, symbolic 3 standing for past, present, and future,” Adam explained as he ducked behind a tree having all ready had his suit splattered in emerald green icing. 

The birthday boy himself stood beneath a willow tree, hoping to be concealed by its branches as he picked buttercream out of his long locks.  Satisfied, though still with a blue streak of frosting framing the right side of his face, Andrew dashed from his hiding place and hopped up on a picnic table.  “Hey batter, batter!” he bellowed.  Having gotten everyone’s attention he then suggested that a truce be called since there was no longer much of a cake to put candles on. 

The Dyelanders readily agreed and spent the rest of the afternoon monitoring the squirrels, birds, rabbits, and other wildlife that wandered in to be sure they did not go into diabetic shock. 

“It was definitely a birthday to remember!” Andrew exclaimed with a grin.  “But next year I may use my position as former president to have an amendment added to our constitution banning candles at my party."

(Oops... turns out the frosting dye was semi-permanent.)

Andrew Mystified by Some Birthday Gifts

By: Andrea Friend

Serendipity, Dyeland City, Asteri-- After an eventful celebration, Andrew retired to his house to open the many presents that had accumulated in the days preceding his birthday.  Among the gifts were several clothing items, some baked goods, and miscellaneous knick-knacks.

“I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do with this but I guess it’s amusing,” a doubtful angel declared upon opening a bobble head leprechaun from Monica. 

Andrew then moved on to a bag from Legolas.  Discovering that it contained bread, Andrew eagerly sampled it.  “This is pretty good.  But… I only ate a small chunk and feel like I’ve just eaten a 5 course meal.  Odd.”

Among the other gifts were a few scrapbook pages shipped to him from JenniAnn, a self-assigned history of pocket watches report penned by Gloria, and a blanket lovingly crocheted for him by Tess.  “Aww, I’d heard she’d taken up crocheting during her last assignment.  I’m so touched that she took the time to make this for me!” Andrew murmured, pulling the blanket around his shoulders.

Another gift especially close to the angel’s heart was a glass with “Reserved for Andrew, the angel” sent to him by Ben Mason, friend and bar owner.  Included was a note reading “We’ve got a matching one saved here for you at the ‘Sign of the Dove’!”

The angel’s emotional gift opening was interrupted by a knock on the door.  Andrew’s visitors included several Dyelanders bearing a delicious and complete marble sheet cake in honor of their friend. 

“I can’t express my gratitude to the Father and my friends here and through out Creation for this wonderful day,” Andrew said as he smiled gratefully at the crowd.


Newsletter 174

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