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by Amy Grant

Jenni - Katie Iím on hiatus, write a newsletter for my Andrew website

Katie - Uh-huh yeah and why should I waste my time with that?

Jenni - Because Iím on a break just do it ok?

Katie - All right fine

Hello, all you Andrew fans itís me Katie Jenniís little sister. Sheís on a break so she asked me to do the newsletter for her. So here goes nothing. Ok so what can I say about Andrew heís an Angel of Death. Yeah! Thats okÖhmÖso that means he kills people right? Nah, or else why would he hang out with a bunch of other angels. What were their names? Oh yeah! Tess and Monica. I will admit it would make me start watching the show if he did kill people hahahahaha. Lol! Legolas rules so stay away from him! Yeah! And um if any of you want to know the brains of this newsletter have my sister give you my aim screen name. Lol! Donít! I mean really donít!

Thanks Katie, I'll take it from here.  I've been wanting to give my two dog biscuits about the angel, too. 

Hi!  My name is Josh and I'm what the vet calls a Terrier X. I guess that means they're not sure what I am.  But that's fine with me because regardless of my breed (or lack thereof!) I get whatever I want.  Jenni's a sucker.  One little whine or longing look and her ice cream, pizza, candy, coffee, cream soda, etc. become mine.  I suppose a little payback is in order so I thought I'd help Katie out with this newsletter so Jenni can continue her break.

So... John Dye.  He's a guy which, for me, is an immediate strike against him.  Girls are just nicer.  I guess he's okay because Jenni said something about him living in California.  I'm not sure where that is but it must be a ways away cause he's never come to the door.  And I'm glad cause Jenni's just so obsessive about him, if he did come she may leave with him.  It's bad enough our mom is married.  I mean don't get me wrong that John is nice enough but we don't need two Johns.  So John Dye... stay away from Nebraska.  Or else.  Grr...

Now Andrew.  I suspect I'd like him very well.  Especially if he was with that other angel.  The one with all the coffee.  May be she'd give me some.  I especially like iced cappuccino and mochas.  Jenni said I'm lucky cause chocolate (apparently what mocha comes from) makes some dogs really sick.  But not me.  I adore it.  So I think I could hang out with Andrew and Monica.  May be even Tess.  But only is she didn't boss me around like that little dog of hers.  Joshy does what Joshy wants!  But I guess I should focus more on Andrew.

He seems nice and Jenni told me once he wanted a dog.  She also told me, if he were not an angel, she'd want to marry him.  So I'm glad he is.  Cause Jenni is *my* girl.  So as long as he just continues with the angel gig, I'm fine with her obsessing over his jeans and toolbelt and hair and eyes and voice and... everything.  May be if she keeps it up she'll never get married nor have any of those hairless, big eyed things that cry and have to be held all the time.  Ya know... I think I do like this Andrew very much.

With puppy love,


Jenni's baby

Newsletter 173