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Hi all!
Well, it's one of my very favorite made-up holidays of the year!  For those of you who are new to the group, years ago when TBAA was still in production a spoiler magazine said that Martha Williamson was working on an episode in which Andrew was put on trial for murder.  Never seen the episode?  Well, there's a good reason for that.  It was never made.  But several of us thought it sounded like it would be really exciting to watch.  And some (okay so may be it was just me) continued to hope for this episode up til the finale aired.  And may be even continue to hope for a movie of the week.  LOL  But since we never got an episode like that, I thought we might as well have fun with the idea ourselves.  And I did.  Lots.  20 some pages of fun.  :-)  So take your pick or read both options.  Hope you enjoy it/them!
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JABB 163 Option 1- The Murder Trial Story
So what would happen if word got back to Dyeland that Andrew had been arrested?  If you'd like to read a story about how that may go please click the above link.  Feel free to email me here or at my personal address if something doesn't make sense to you (or check our Encyclopedia).  Some incidents referred to were mentioned on the JABB Yahoogroup but not in previous newsletters.

JABB 163 Option 2- What Kind of Androoler are You? (The Murder Trial Edition)
Take this quiz to discover what type of Androoler you are and how you might cope if Andrew were arrested!  Also, may be even get some completely unprofessional guidance on how to deal with the event. 
Finally, just a reminder that because Jenni is just plain unhealthily obsessed with this theme, you can view the murder trial teaser trailer, TV spot, and a themed commercial at:

Password: labyrinth


Newsletter 164