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Hey everyone! 
Well, it’s Dye Day aka John’s 42nd birthday!  Or nearly so or recently was, depending on when you check your email.  This year we decided to pay tribute to many of the roles that make up John’s career-- past and present.  In verse.  Because Jenni is a nerd.  We hope you enjoy it!  Also, just a warning that we cheated a bit on some of the stricter poetry form rules but hey not like we’re getting paid for this. 

God bless
Jenni and Karen

John, happy birthday to you wherever you are!

Congrats on quite a career, you wonderful star!
We thought this year we'd pay tribute to your roles
We loved some, like Andrew, who enlivened our souls
We despised some, like Bob and the rest of the cads
But in the end we enjoyed watching all of these lads
You gave voice and emotion and good looks to em all!
So now, Birthday Boy, let's start your role call!

Because they’re so fun and, we hope, quite delightful
Let’s have some limericks to get us off on a roll!

There once was a bell hop named Andy Broom
Who thought his book would lead to a financial boom
But instead he was wrongly arrested and rendered unfree
And his book found to be plagiarized Dostoevsky
Still, Andy's lucky he didn't end up in a tomb!

There once was a vet named Ray
Who worked with lizards and snakes all day
He loved a girl, his devotion she just didn't see
So now may be he's singing Del Amitri's "Roll to Me"
And maybe, one day, her heart to him will sway!

There once was a pilot called "The Nerd"
It had as crazy a plot as you've ever heard.
John played the yuppie Willem Boyd
His dance scene is something not to avoid!
But I'm glad he went with TBAA, it's less absurd!

There once was a student named Skip
His colorful wardrobe was really a trip
Wearing pink and green he looks a bit goofy now
What genius thought it was cool then and how!?
Yet… who among us didn’t once think Day-glo was hip?

Those limericks were fun but there’s other poems to do!
So what follows are some tributes in the form of haiku!

To Eric Manion

Money tempts, he goes
Abuse power, women cry
Watch out for the gun

To Bill Morgan

Kids grow wild and mean
Work calls and life goes by him
Enter Claus' kid

To Todd Barrett

Hey there campus man
Much thought but little concern
Until the end... splash!

To Virgil Keller

Run, kick, jab, jump, breathe
Try to be best of the best
Finding inner peace

Still more characters to go but we’ll switch to a different vein!
Now we hope you enjoy this handful of poems called cinquain!

Doc Hock
Peace signs and wit
Best lover in Georgia
Hope you found peace, you sad hippie

Basketball star
Unexpected guests come
There will be a child born to her

Bob the rich brat
Cult of money calls him
Lying, murder, court trials follow
Jail time?

Hey Craig
Back again, huh?
Try to revive a flame
Only to find the past is past
Good bye

Cop and brother
High speed chases, danger
Car rolls, gun fires, John Dye fans scream!
Get well!

All those characters sure showed off John’s superb acting strength
But we really loved the next two and toast them now at a lil more length

Lover, teacher, friend, son, another birthday boy
Watching sunsets on the beach, a metaphor for life
Chocolate black out cake, helping others were your joy
Kind, brave, and loving we wish you'd not had strife
Working bittersweet memories into a square of a quilt
You wondered about your own impact on those you'd leave
You thought of the relationship that needed rebuilt
Thank God for a friend who made your mother believe
And so on your birthday your prodigal mother came
Tearfully, she hugged her baby, her miracle, her child
How proud she must have been of the man you became
Together, mother and son, you cried and you smiled
For there, in her arms, of her acceptance you were made aware
It was there in the form of a great big black and red teddy bear.

Andrew, angel of death, beloved child of Love
You made death seem not so dark nor bad
Hearts grew a bit merrier when you came from above
In fact, you made many an Androoler quite glad
We loved you dancing with an umbrella in the rain
We adored your hair, smile, your words so wise
Heck, you may have even driven some of us insane
And oh when you cried there were tears in our eyes
At the Wittenbergs, on the ranch, in the maze
Tinkering with the caddy, dancing with Angel Girl,
Teasing Tess and helping others on nights and days
On and on eight years of nice, sweet memories swirl
Some of us miss you still cause Manion scares us
But, hey, as long John's happy I'm not gonna fuss

We’ve come to the end now, weren’t sure we could it!
But first there’s a few things we ought to admit
We skipped over Colin, Mark, and ZZ Top guy
Greg, Jack, and pink spandex man we passed by
And probly some others we just don’t know
But maybe next year we’ll give em a go
And maybe even have more characters to see
We’ll celebrate them then when John turns forty three!
But for now we just hope John enjoys his next year
We hope he has fun, spends time with those near and dear
And may all of his very best dreams come true
And we hope all of this for our dear readers too!

Happy Dye Day!!


Newsletter 157