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Hi everyone,

Before we get into the newsletter we have some business to attend to.  My (Jenni's) family is getting rid of AOL at the end of this month.  So this will be the last newsletter you will receive from this account.  Starting on the 18th or 19th when we send the anniversary issue, newsletters will come from here.  So if you allow only certain addresses to send you email and wish to continue receiving this newsletter please add jabucketbrigade to your list of accepted email addresses.  If you need to contact Jenni please email her.  To contact Doc please email (address no longer available, please email Jenni).  They both have access to the new yahoo account but will not be regularly checking it so please do not use it for communication at this time.  If the 20th comes around and you've not received JABB 142 please email Jenni and she'll make sure your address got moved into the new address book at jabucketbrigade.  Thanks!

Also, we're working on something for the anniversary issue.  If you'd like to be involved please email Jenni by Wednesday.  She has a few questions for you that will be integrated into JABB's 6th anniversary issue!


For those of you that have not yet heard, John is going to be in a new movie!  <waits for screaming to die down>  Not a whole terrible lot is known yet except that it revolves around a couple who is harassed and terrorized after daring to offer "The Last Temptation of Christ" in their video store.  John apparently plays an attorney of dubious morality.  At least that's what we've gathered.  But you can look around and see what you can find out for yourself by visiting  The name of the film is "Heart of the Beholder."  The producer sent out an email telling people that for a $25 donation to the film's production costs, you will receive a DVD of the film when available.  Please check out the website for more information!  We're really excited and hoping this movie gets a wide release so we can all see John on the big screen!  Speaking of which...


Annie Dru's Movie Theater Etiquette


Our resident advice columnist Annie Dru has prepared the following list of guidelines for behavior in movie theaters.  Here's hoping next year we all get to use them when we go to see John in "Heart of the Beholder"!

Do: Clap loudly when you first see John's name go across the opening credits.

Do not: Attempt to start a wave baseball park-style every time he walks on screen.  You will block people's view of him and probably be escorted out by a theater employee who looks nothing like John.

Do: Enjoy your overpriced popcorn and beverages.

Do not: Sneak ginger ale and orange juice into the theater and toast John shouting "Angel Boy rocks!" every time he says a line in the movie.

Do: Recommend the film to friends and neighbors if you enjoy it.

Do not: Drive around the neighborhood forcing people into your car and dragging them bodily into the theater and then cuffing them to the seat until the final credits role. 

Do: Keep your seat tidy.

Do not: Drool every where causing a disgusting mess for the cleaner.  Bring a drool bucket if you must.

Do: Discuss the movie's goals, strengths, weaknesses, and impact with those sitting around you as you prepare to exit the theater after the movie.

Do not: Continuously nudge the people in the seats around you through out the movie saying "How about that lawyer!?  Hot, ain't he!?"

Do: Realize John is an actor.  He's entitled to play characters not as noble or pure as Andrew.  Enjoy watching him show off different acting abilities.

Do not: Scream if he does anything at all lascivious and start pummeling the screen crying Andrew's name. 

Do: Go back and see the movie again if you really enjoy it.

Do not: Become the "phantom of the theater" and take up residence there neglecting job, family, and friends to watch "Heart of the Beholder" at 3:00, 5:45, 8:00, and 10:10 every day in theater #8.     

REMEMBER!  From now on you will be receiving this newsletter from jabucketbrigade.  If you do not receive a newsletter from that account by the 20th, email Jenni. Thanks!



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