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Greetings to all our members!  Welcome to our (Doc's and Jenni's) first official newsletter together!  We've worked together on some other TBAA-related projects (some I'm sure we won't ever admit to lol) but this marks our first newsletter.  So...  we thought it only right that Doc introduce herself and that I reintroduce myself for the benefit of those who haven't been with us the whole time.  Then we have a fun quiz waiting for you!  :-)


Hi all

There has been a change of command (presidents) and I was asked to become one. My name is Karen but on the list you all know me affectionately (I hope) as Doc. I am almost 26 and live in Ontario Canada. My hobbies include scrapbooking, obsessing over every detail of Touched by an Angel, reading and of course John Dye. If John can be considered a hobby. LOL I have known Jenni for months and am really excited about co running JABB with her. It will be a lot of fun. If any of you have concerns or questions of any sort feel free to email me privately at (address no longer available, please email Jenni).




My name is Jenni or JenniAnn (fictionally!).  Also depending on how many Jenni/ie/y's are around.  :-)  I'm nearly 22, I've been with JABB since that first night back in...  1998.  It's been a pleasure getting to know everyone and being able to write JABB.  I live in Nebraska, USA.  My hobbies include scrapbooking, umm... well basically what Doc said.  And then lil arts and crafts things, too.  Let's see...  I recently graduated college and have now joined the ranks of People Who Have No Idea What to Do with Their Lives.  :-)  So that will be exciting!  If you ever need to reach me please email me here as we may soon be getting rid of AOL!

God bless



If you'd like to introduce yourself to JABB, please send us a brief intro to put in the newsletter.  Remember, all of JABB's newsletters end up put on the webpage so don't give out any private information!


Now for our quiz!! 


Which John Dye Character is Your Perfect Mate?

1.  Your date comes to pick you up.  What is he wearing?
A.  A nice suit
B.  Bell bottoms and a peasant shirt
C.  Brightly colored Converses, an equally brightly colored sweater vest, and baggy pants
D.  A really expensive suit with his motorcycle parked on the curb
2. What does he pick you up in?
A. A red convertible
B. A beat up old VW bug

C. He walks, can't afford a car
D. A motorcycle
3. When your date arrives, what present does he bring?
A. A fishing pole book
B. A book about political uprising and beer
C. He doesn't
D. An expensive watch and flowers
4.  Where will you go for your evening out?
A.  A nice restaurant where your date appears to know the owner
B.  Some sort of political demonstration or to a Woodstock type of event
C.  A lecture about how to invest your money in small businesses
D.  To go hear his whacked out friend talk about his vision of the future
5. He takes you to a nice restaurant and:
A. He lets you order then orders the exact same thing for himself.
B. He orders vegetarian then complains about animal cruelty in the beef industry
C. His idea of a restaurant is McDonalds
D. He orders the most expensive thing.
6.  What is most likely to be a major topic of conversation on your date?
A.  God
B.  Who you voted for in the last election and how everyone should just veg out and feel the love, man!
C.  Your stock portfolio
D.  How to most easily forge documents
7. There is dancing at the restaurant.  How is he?
A. Fantastic
B. He doesn't dance, it's against his morals
C. He dances like there is a stick up his bum
D. He prefers to dance while drunk

8. When the check comes....
A. For some reason his meals are free...who IS that angry looking black woman?
B. He pays and complains about taxes
C. He splits it with you
D. He pays in cash....leave no credit records.......
9. After dinner you go to a movie. What does he pick?
A. Heaven Can Wait
B. Hair
C. Risky Business
D. Money Talks
10.  How's the date going to end?
A.  He'll drop you off at your house, probly kiss your hand, and then leave.  He's a gentleman.  Well, gentle anyway.
B.  Free love... 
C.  You'll both end up thrown into a pool while in your clothes
D.  Hauled into court and possibly jailed



Okay now count up how many of each letter you got........



If you got mostly A's your ideal mate is Andrew!  He's utterly handsome and generally a great dresser and he can dance.  He's also an excellent listener and will help you out with your problems when he can.  We just hope you like celibacy!

If you got mostly B's your ideal is Doc Hock.  You'll enjoy the intellectual repartee. He is a bit of a wild card and is more than willing to express his own views in anyway he sees fit, even if it causes harm to others unintentionally. Be careful with this one!

If you got mostly C's your ideal mate is Todd from "Campus Man."  You're generally practical though you are known to come up with elaborate and crazy schemes. Be ready to help him finance his wild dreams and ambitions!

If you got mostly D's your ideal mate is Bob from "Billionaire's Boy Club."  He will dazzle you with riches and empty promises and expect you to be loyal and visit him when he is arrested for white collar crimes. Frankly, you need profession help NOW.



Newsletter 141