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Hello everyone! This week's JABB contains a contest as promised. Details on that are below. As you'll learn in about two weeks in the next issue, changes are in store for JABB. (No, we're not ending it.) But before we look to the future, we feel now is a good time to look back on the JABB that was...

Well, JABB's nearing it's 6th anniversary. In the six years since JABB's started we've done a lot of crazy things. We're very proud of our accomplishments both personally and on JABB over these past years but it's also good to learn from our mistakes. So here's a few things we regret doing:

1. Marrying that guy from freshman psych named Andrew for two weeks back in August of 2001 just so we could tell people we'd married Andrew.

2. Having "I Heart Angel Boy" tattooed on our right shoulder.

3. Trashing the women's department of our local K-Mart and burning all the Kathy Ireland clothes just cause she got to kiss John in those Christmas movies.

4. Entering various rehab clinics, not because we were addicted, but because we were trying to find Doc Hock.

5. Calling some poor guy named Dr. Friend whose number we found in the phonebook and asking if he wanted to go out for dinner and then hanging up. Twice a day.

6. Beating up that guy that showed up to our neighborhood Halloween party dressed as the grim reaper.

7. Hiring that skywriter to spell out "John Dye: Call me!" with our phone number after it over San Francisco. John didn't call. But some surfer named Rocco did and proposed marriage!

8. Having John's green shirt photo airbrushed onto a baby-tee and then running around in front of the Today Show window with it on.

9. Blowing our college graduation money on a plane ticket to Salt Lake City and running around screaming Andrew's name and throwing a temper tantrum when he failed to show up.

10. That month when we took a vow of silence until John was given more screentime on TBAA and hence flunked out of our public speaking class.

11. That time we tried to convince the IRS that JABB was a nonprofit mental health organization and that we should be able to write off our DVD copies of John's movies.

12. That two month period after TBAA was canceled when we joined a convent. Still not sure why...

Well that was just... scary, really. So now... the contest!

Okay, in order to win the contest you need to find the following items and send me the urls for them! Here's the rules:

1. I will only count *one* url per item. So if you find, say, 6 fansites for "Tour of Duty" I will only count the first one. In other words, the most "points" you can get on this is 10 with one point for each item. Finding two urls for #4 will not make up for not finding anything for #6.

2. The deadline for this is June 4th.

3. In the event of a tie (i.e., more than one person finds all 10 items) there will be tiebreakers in the form of trivia questions until we have a single winner.

4. The winner will be able to pick a prize from our list or from our store. Please visit:

for more details.

5. In the items that ask for a picture, please send the url for the webpage that has the picture on it NOT the image itself as an attachment.

6. Send your list of urls (web addresses) to Jenni. Please also email if you have any questions about the contest. I will try to answer if I can do so with out giving one person an advantage over others.

Have fun!

Scavenger Hunt Items

1. Find a website for one of the charities featured on TBAA

2. Find an actual picture of Tess' dawg (that particular dog, not just one that looks like it. We mean *the* Dawg.)

3. Find a picture of Andrew in some type of uniform

4. Find a fansite for "Tour of Duty"

5. Find a picture of John in a pool

6. Find a site selling Della's CD that contains the song Andrew dances to in "My Dinner with Andrew" (What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?)

7. Find a website that has the names Monica, Andrew, and Tess on it BUT has nothing to do with TBAA

8. Find an unusual TBAA fanfic crossover with another TV show (whatever you consider "unusual" to mean)

9. Find a website about the book "Moby Dick" because it is Andrew's favorite book. It has to be about the book, not just some place selling it.

10. Find a picture of a bucket with wings on it



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