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Hi all! Before we get to the newsletter we'd like to let you know about an upcoming event. April 26th marks two special occasions for us. Not only is it the one year anniversary of TBAA's finale but it's also the 139th anniversary of Andrew's promotion from Caseworker to AOD. So... In honor of that JABB will be hosting a virtual sleepover for all TBAA fans starting at 7 pm Central on Friday April 23rd. Then we plan on chatting for as long as we can! The location of the chat is:

If you'd like to receive reminders about this event please email Jenni. If you think you may be coming, just email me so I can get an idea of how many people to expect. Thanks and hope to see you there! And now...

Recently we at JABB set up an emergency hotline for dealing with those John/Andrew related crisis. With the permission of some of our callers, we're giving you the transcripts of some of our first calls. We hope you can learn a little something about this invaluable service.

Call #1

Counselor: Good evening, JABB Crisis Center how may I help you?


Counselor: Umm, can I help you?


Counselor: Please, settle down and explain your problem.

Caller: Oh my... Oh my... I can't get the tape out of the VCR but it won't play either! It's stuck! STUUUUUCCCCCK!

Counselor: Okay, what's on the tape?

Caller: Umm... "The Journalist," "The Violin Lesson," "The Pact," and a few other Andrew episodes!

Counselor: AAAHHH!!! Oops, sorry. Okay... have you tried turning the Power on and off?

Caller: Just a second... <mechanical type noises> Grrr... Nothing

Counselor: Umm, how about the fast forward and rewind buttons?

Caller: Nope still nothing.

Counselor: AAHH! Okay, okay... I have an idea. You have a baseball bat?

Caller: <giggle>

Counselor: Yeah... Andrew... <sighs> Anyway, do you have your own?

Caller: Umm, yeah.

Counselor: Okay, just hit the VCR with it. But not hard enough to smash it.

Caller: Okay... <bashing noises> Hey! Wow! It came out! Thanks!

Counselor: Yep, gotta love the baseball bat...

Call #2

Counselor: Good afternoon, JABB Crisis Center how may I help you?

Caller: Umm... yeah we need some help for our daughter.

Counselor: Your daughter? What's wrong?

Caller: Well, she's obsessed with Andrew. I mean we used to think it was just John Dye and that was bad enough but at least he was human...

Counselor: I'm not sure I can help you. I don't really think that's a bad thing...

Caller: Here, umm my husband wants to talk. <shuffling>

Caller 2: But she won't date! And she's got that man... heck, he's not even a man! His pictures are like covering an entire door!

Counselor: Dad? It's Jenni. <angry>

Caller 2: Umm... <click, line dies>

We hope you keep JABB's Crisis Hotline in mind next time you have an A/J related crisis!

Now, we'd like to introduce another new feature. You may have seen these in magazines like "Entertainment Weekly." Well, we're not above using ideas from other sources so here goes...

What's in: Emailing and writing CBS requesting they make TBAA Christmas movies.

So five minutes ago: Writing Les Moonves with angst-ridden finale-anniversary complaints.

So last year: Waiting for Hallmark or Pax to re-air one of those fantastic Bill and Kristin Christmas movies.

What's in: Attending JABB-Sponsored Finale/Andrew's Promotion to AOD Anniversary party. (Yeah, shameless plug I know.)

So five minutes ago: Celebrating Past Assignment's Day

So last year: Cancelling all Halloween parties out of respect for Andrew. Live it up! He's a big boy, he'll get over it. If not, he looks cute pouting!


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