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Hi all! Before we get to the actual newsletter we have a few announcements.

JABB has now officially opened an online store! We hope you'll visit it at:

As time goes by (and we get more ideas) we'd like to add more but we hope for right now you'll take the time to look at the drool buckets and charm bracelets we have available. :-) Please email Jenni at the email address given on the store website to place an order or for more information.


Over at the JABB YahooGroup we're working on getting together a magazine inspired by the one read by Andrew in "Clipped Wings." If you think you might like to help with that or if you'd be interested in obtaining a copy please contact Donna for more information.


Donna has also informed us that "Twice Upon a Christmas," one of John's TV movies, will be playing on March 28th on Sky Movies 9 at 4.45am. So those of you in Britain who have Sky Digital can tune in if you're really dedicated or set your timers. See John play Bill Morgan: guy who makes up ad campaigns, father, fiance, and brother-in-law to some weird guy...

Well, as was decided last year March 20th is Past Assignments' Day. So we'd like to take a few moments to step away from the usual top tens and fake conversations to remember Andrew's past assignments.


Y'know, there were lots of Andrew's past assignments that I really liked. But with Past Assignments' Day approaching, one assignment I'd really like to honor is Erin from "The Pact." So maybe all her ideas weren't the greatest (suicide pacts are just sad and make Andrew cry which makes everyone at home cry which then makes them rush into the TV to comfort Andrew and then they end up with a concussion and have to go to the doctor and their insurance rates go up and... Oops sorry. Anyway, it just isn't good for anyone.) But ya gotta give the girl credit for having the guts to declare her love for Angel Boy. And in such a gutsy way! That's why I like to think of Erin as a sorta patroness of Androolers. Erin, thanks for voicing what a lot of us have wanted to say for... eight years...


A toast to Halloween: May your past assignments never haunt you again!

Yay for Andrew's past assignments! Well... it's been a year since TBAA stopped production. Which means John should be coming out of his yearlong post-TBAA sleep soon. (If he sees his shadow summer will come! If not prepare for perpetual winter! Just kidding. We hope...) We hope this means John will be out and about more. So we have some hints for people who may run into him. Here are the...

Top Ten Things People Shouldn't Say to or Around John Dye

10. "Hey Andrew, how's it going? Take anyone cool Home lately?"

9. "Hey! You're that idiot from that movie where Judd Nelson is a nutcase evil genius! So how is Judd?"

8. "You said in an interview that Andrew put a damper on your dating life. Well, he all but killed mine. No one quite measured up to Angel Boy... You wanna fix that?" <bat eyelashes>


6. "Seriously, the haircut back in season five? Bad. BAD idea!"

5. "Right so I've been thinking about what you should do next with your career. I'm thinking... World Wrestling Federation." (We shudder just thinking about it).

4. "And you are??"

3. "So what's hell like?"

2. "Get me some coffee. Please."

1. "Sit. Good boy. Now take him home! I never cared for him anyway."


Newsletter 134