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See if it doesn't make ya antsy!
Where's John??? AHHH!!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to another exciting issue of JABB. Just humor me, huh? :-) We hope you enjoy it.

Well... It's been several months since the last TBAA aired for some of us. Others of us have had it dropped from local stations. And some of us still haven't even seen Doc Hock! So what are we supposed to do with our drool buckets until stations start re-airing John's movies and shows or he makes more? Here's some tips!

Top Ten Things to Do with Your Drool Buckets

10. Turn it into a candy dish. We hope you will first boil it and sanitize it, however. And then probly only put individually wrapped candies in it just to be on the safe side... And probly not tell visitors what it was once used as.

9. Leaky roof? Just put your drool bucket under the leak and then wax poetic about the bucket being full once again. And, of course, spend several moments fantasizing about Andrew, with toolbelt, working on your roof.

8. Use it as a rock jar! Every day you resist the impulse to do something crazy like, say, fly to San Francisco and run through the streets screaming John's name, put a rock in the bucket. When the bucket is full treat yourself to something nice. NOT A TRIP TO SAN FRAN.

7. Bash it over the heads of anyone who dares to say anything cruel about Andrew or John. (Okay, we're nonviolent people so don't really do that. Maybe bash it into a pillow? I mean you don't wanna dent it anyway...)

6. Start your own street band and play songs like "Johnny Angel," "Walk with You," and "Hopelessly Devoted." Use the bucket to collect the change kind passersby leave you.

5. Put it on top of your head and glue a tassel to it. Now you're a Morocco Shiner. (Oh, do remember to clean it out first.)

4. Slide it under the kitchen table to stop that incessant wobbling!

3. If you don't live in an apartment building, find one. Go to the top of the building and drop the bucket on unsuspecting passersby.

2. Go on a diet and use it as a feed back. Eat no more than what you can fit in the bucket at any given meal. Feel free to fill empty spaces between food with chocolate syrup.

1. Use it to increase your devotion for John by cutting his eyes out of every picture you can find of him. Store the eyes in your drool bucket. Start telling everyone who comes over that you have John's eyes and ask if they'd like to see them.

State of the Androolers Address

Wow, it's great to be back here giving this address after handing it over to Andrew for a few years. It's fallen to me to give you this yearly address due to, uhh, diplomatic difficulties back in Dyeland? Something like that. Anyway...

This has been a sad yet triumphant year for us at JABB and for the entire TBAA community. While it was very difficult for some of us to watch the last credits roll on the last TBAA... I'm proud to say our love of TBAA has not been diminished by this. In fact, JABB has noticed an actual increase in membership from people all over the world! Also, this year JABB moved its webpages to their very own domain name at

As far as the future, we hope to continue to grow. Possibly opening a store on our website for small related gifts (drool buckets!!). Cause we want people to know we're not going any where!

Over at our Yahoogroup, we've been enjoying a definite surge in messages! In January we had well over 200 posts! And just hit 200 for February! For the first time in well over a year! This year also marked the return of the Dye Day chat that, I must say, was amazing! Five hours of talking about John and Andrew! Wow!

More great news came when we learned that season DVDs of TBAA were scheduled to become available sometime this year. The same can be said for John's earlier TV show "Tour of Duty"! Of course, we're not sure when the seasons he appeared in will be available but I'm sure many of us anxiously wait them!

As you can see, despite TBAA no longer being in production, we've remained a very active group. We thank you all and look forward to continued fun in the future! I'd like to leave you with a quote from our esteemed leader's last address. Andrew said: "Whether TBAA is on the air or only in our hearts, its message of love will always be with us." Thank you.



Newsletter 133