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Hello!  Happy Valentine's to everyone!  I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.  I'd like to apologize if this newsletter comes out oddly.  AOL's been giving me trouble with sending stuff so if you get this twice, get half of it but with the rest cut off, or some such thing, please just email and I'll resend it to you personally.  Also, if you're receiving this newsletter and don't know why, please see the note at the very bottom of this email.  Now onto the newsletter... enjoy!  Oh wait!  I also wanted to let everyone know that has announced that Season One of "Tour of Duty" will be available in June.  As many of you probably know, John Dye appeared in that show.  But his Doc Hock didn't surface until  Season Three.  Anyway, here's hoping that this means all three seasons will be released so some of us can finally see these episodes!  Okay, now the newsletter for real... 

Valentines to John Dye Characters

Dearest Andrew,
"And they called it puppy love..."  LOL  Happy Valentine's Day from your sappy, overly dramatic, overly enthusiastic, crazy admirer!  I hope your day is filled with... well, whatever angels want on Valentine's Day.  And y'know if you wanna like bake cookies or go pick flowers or...  I need to shut up now.
With love,
Lady JenniAnn
Dear Francis (aka Doc Hock)
I know its not the 70's any more but I think there is such a thing as free love still, in theory. Anyway want to prove that you are the best that ever came out of Memphis?
Love Karen
Hey Todd,
"I love, I love, I love my calendar..." boy!  Hey Todd just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine's!  I hope you have much success with your latest business venture.  Please try to avoid selling out your friends though this time.  Oh and stay away from Katherine.  She's creepy.  She doesn't age at all!  And if she tries to auction you off for $600... RUN!
PS One last thing...  Yellow Converses Forever!!!
Dear Jeff,
Happy Valentine's Day! Today your chocolate blackout cake is covered in rainbow coloured hearts. And yes, I made it from scratch!
Your Friend,

Why JABB Gave Up on Shakespeare

Okay, as some of you who have been with us a while may remember, we once tried our hand at parodying Shakespeare!  It was fun and with it being Valentine's we considered doing that again since Shakespeare can be so *romantic*.  Nice idea but... didn't quite work.  Here's why:

~  In Dyeland we tried to stage "Romeo and Juliet."  Andrew wanted to be in it and was promptly cast as Friar Laurence since it was deemed too creepy to have him play Romeo.  Unfortunately...  during the wedding scene Juliet neglected to kiss her groom and instead tried to smack one on the friar!  And then later the entire cast and crew, save Andrew, got the giggles at the lines  "That unsubstantial death is amorous, And that the lean abhorred monster keeps, Thee here in dark to be his paramour?"  Andrew turned beat red. 

~  We then tried a reading of "Venus and Adonis."  Not only was it deemed too steamy but then Venus went into an anti-Death rant!  It was not to be tolerated...

~  We then decided to try one of the tragedies having discovered the romances were highly problematic.  This time "MacBeth" was ruined when Andrew asked for a small part and was cast as Duncan.  All went well until "Duncan" was killed prompting a crowd of Androolers to storm the stage and start beating up "MacBeth." 

~  We then decided to try our hand at "Henry V" casting Andrew as Henry since he all ready knows the "St. Crispin's Day" speech.  But a fight ensued over who got to be Kate, his fiancee.  Plus, in a place with a 90% female population it just wasn't practical to do a play with a 95% male cast of characters. 

~  So then we decided to put on a production of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but were later informed that was not, in fact, a Shakespearean play.  Or really a play at all...  Oops!


The characters mentioned in the Valentines section above are from the following John Dye projects:
Andrew- If you seriously don't know please email Jenni ASAP.  We need to chat!
Francis/Doc Hock- "Tour of Duty"
Todd- "Campus Man"
Jeff- "Mother, Mother"
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