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JABB Newsletter 13

Welcome to all our new members! We hope you enjoy this JABB. We welcome you to send in intros if you wish. Also if some of our other members would like to reintroduce themselves that would be fine! And without further adieu, JABB 13....


My name is Kristine, I live near Minneapolis, MN and I am a college student. I stated watching TBAA this season, and was immediately hooked, especially on Andrew. I haven't missed an episode since, and I 'm grateful for PAX so I can catch up on all the shows (and tape them all!) I'm majoring in music/English in college. I've been married 6 years and have 1 cat, but no kids. I am active in church, and I sing in choir and in a contemporary Christian band. I am greatly inspired by TBAA and Andrew, and I look forward to getting to know everyone here. My e-mail is Feel free to drop me a note!

Dye Day: The Dye Day chat will be on Saturday the 30th. John's birthday isn't really until that Sunday but this works out better for most people. However, for some of you in places other than North America this may actually be Sunday for you. I'm not too good with time zones. We also are not yet sure of the time. When we get more responses we will be better able to decide that. You can access the chat from either Talkcity or IRC. To get there from Talkcity go to and then on the side under Chat go to Chat Live. It will list subjects like college, family, entertainment etc. Choose Entertainment. DyeDay is an unlisted room so in the blank box above where all the chats are listed type #DyeDay. No quotes or anything around it and it is just one word also you must type in the # or you will end up in another room. If you have problems let me know. You may want to register before the chat though. You can find info on that at the Talkcity site. I also have directions on how to enter from IRC and you can email me, Jenni for that. Remember also to bring your "gifts" for John LOL. Just email me describing the gift, how it is wrapped, etc. Remember nothing above a PG rating. We will have several games to play and hope it will be lots of fun! Also please let us know you are coming if you haven't already. Thanks!

Charity: First, I would like to thank all of you who offered to help with the Save the Children sponsorship. Unfortunately, I have some bad news. A member brought to our attention some problems with in the organization. We greatly appreciate her courage in confronting us with this. After reading the email I did further research on the organization and found other instances of people running into problems with in the organization. If you would care for more information on what I found just let me know and I will be happy to explain it all. If you are currently supporting Save the Children please do not stop doing so just because of this. I just felt after reading various things that working with STC might not be a good idea right now for JABB. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. I do however still want to do something as a group for John. I know he is a supporter of AIDS research so I think if there is still interest in donating to a charity we should use the American Foundation for AIDS Research. We would just donate a few times a year and then if by next Dye Day we wish to change charities we can or we can stick with this one. For more information on AMFAR you can go to:

The Better Business Bureau also has info about them at:

Since there has been a somewhat drastic change in our charity idea I am not holding anyone who offered money for STC to their offer. If however you would like to donate to this charity please let me know by emailing me, Jenni Along with our donations I will be sending anyone who wants one a special AIDS ribbon I will be making. We will also run a webpage about this all and link it to our Odds and Ends page. If anyone has any good ideas for what to put on the page let me know. Please keep copyright laws in mind though. We can't take pictures and stuff off of other sites. Thanks!

The Ten Commandments of JABB

1. Thou shalt not drool over any actor other than John Dye.

2. Thou shalt not make graven images of John Dye cause well that's just a tad freaky.

3. Thou shalt not take the name of John or Andrew and name a bazillion things the same name. (Jenni is however excluded from this since she is writing these and says so!)

4. Thou shalt celebrate Dye Day to its fullest every year.

5. Thou shalt honor your family, friends, etc. However, this does not mean thou can't yell at them when they dishonor John.

6. Thou shalt protest any movie, TV show, or anything else in which John is murdered or is a murderer.

7. Thou shalt not be adulterous with John. Thou shalt not dream of the same thing.

8. Thou shalt not steal John or Andrew merchandise. Thou shalt immediately tell us however if John or Andrew merchandise is seen.

9. Thou shalt not tell lies about John. Thou shalt then become a tabloid and that shalt be a bad thing.

10. Thou shalt not covet John's neighbor or (eeekkk!!!! lol) eventual wife.

The Androolers' Choice Awards

Best Actor in a Television series -- Your choices are: John Dye, John Dye, and John Dye.

Best Male Angel on TBAA -- Your choices are: Andrew, Andrew, and Andrew.

Best Actor in Best of the Best who also plays in TBAA -- Your choices are: John Dye, John Dye, and John Dye.

Hottest guy in TBAA -- Your choices are: John Dye, John Dye, and John Dye.

Sweetest male star on TBAA -- Your choices are: John Dye, John Dye, and John Dye.

Best male guest star on PL -- Your choices are: John Dye, John Dye, and John Dye.

And the winners are.....

Drum role please........

Oh my gosh! This is such a surprise!!!!!


Yea John!!!!! OK we now have some other categories that we'd like to have you all vote on! Results will be announced in our DyeDay chat and then also featured in the next newsletter for those unable to attend. So onto the awards....

1. Best outfit worn by our award winning John--Your choices are: the toolbelt and jeans ensemble as featured in Doodle bugs, the black leather jacket and jeans combo as featured in Missing in Action, or the flannel shirt and jeans as featured in The Journalist. (some of the outfit or variations of them were also in other episodes these I just remembered first)

2. Best Andrew episode--Your choices are: The Journalist, Violin Lessons, or My Dinner with Andrew

3.Best Andrew quote-- Your choices are: "I just want you to know there's nothing to be afraid of. On one side, there is life. And on the other...there is life, too." Random Acts, the prayer on the stairs in The Journalist, or the Ultimate Reality speech in My Dinner with Andrew.

4. Best John Dye movie--Your choices are: Campus Man, Mother, Mother, or The Best of the Best.

5. Best hair do--Your choices are: Second Season kinda short, kinda long, Third and Fourth Season long hair, or Fifth Season short hair.

Okay well we are waiting to hear from you on these questions! Please email and tell either Audrey or Jenni  your choices. If you'd like you can even give us a choice that wasn't even listed.

You are currently listening to "One Song Glory" from the Broadway hit Rent, or should be anyway!

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