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Hello!  Welcome to yet another exciting issue of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade.  As you may remember, in the last issue we gave you a link for a fanfic co-written by four of our members.  Since then, interest has grown in seeing works by other members in future JABBs.  Poems, short stories, jokes, song lyrics, etc. all about either John or Andrew.  Our only rules are that the material be PG-level in content and, if it's about John, respectful of the fact that he is a real, private individual.  If it's very lengthy, we can put it on a webpage for you and post the link in the newsletter.  If it's short enough, we'll put it directly into the newsletter.  If you have questions or would like to submit something please email Jenni.  Thanks!  Now, the fun stuff!

Okay, so it seems the occasional person is still confused about who is in charge of JABB.  Some continue to leave messages for us as if we were John.  Really it doesn't bug us.  We find it amusing.  :-)  However, we do feel bad that these people are potentially thinking we *are* John and ignoring them in favor of writing top tens about our fabulous self.  So we now offer...

Top Ten Proofs the JABB Authors are Not John Dye

10.  Our mothers fed us, clothed us, gave us shelters, helped us through female adolescence, etc. They're pretty sure we are not in reality a 40 year old male actor.  They'd like to think they'd notice if their 20-something daughters were really a son only a few years younger than themselves.

9.  Both our birth certificates clearly state we are females.

8.  We just don't look very good wearing tool belts or leather jackets. 

7.  At least one of us has never even set foot in Mississippi, let alone been born there.

6.  John Dye is an *actor*.  The authors most assuredly are not.  The last time Jenni acted was in 5th grade when she played a flirty elf that was fired by Santa Claus.  Hardly the background needed to bring to life a character of Andrew's stature.

5.  The last time Audrey acted was...   Well, let's ask her.  "Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever acted.  I've acted up, acted out, I've even acted Crazy.  But I've never just plain acted."  There you have it.

4.  The authors of JABB were both around 14 when Andrew made his first appearance.  John is a very attractive man and, we believe, could pass for younger than his actual age.  But we feel confident saying he was not 14 during the 2nd season.

3.  When John Dye made "Making the Grade," we were still in diapers and trying to advance our vocabs beyond the words "Dada" and "Mama." 

2.  We have never, at any point in our lives, pretended to have any of the following names: Skip, Mark, Todd, Bob, Virgil, Jeff, Francis or Doc Hock, Adam, Greg, Jack, Colin, Andrew, or Bill Morgan.  Same goes for the names Jason Carter, Andy Broom, and Dr. Ray. 

1.  Finally...  It's one thing for two college students to write JABB.  It's quite another for John to write JABB.  Does anyone really think John's so conceited he sits around writing top tens about how fantastic he is and sending it to over 100 people?

And now...

The Shameless Plug

Are you bored? 

Are your family members and friends tired of hearing you talk about John Dye or Andrew day in and day out? 

Does no one share your concern over toolbelts, pocketwatches, and leather jackets?

Would you like to pretend that you live in a magical world where Andrew's president and your next door neighbor is a talking chihuahua named Chiwawa? 

Do you just want to find an online community where you can talk about everything from your favorite Andrew episode to your philosophy of life to the annoying people in the movie theater you visited last night who wouldn't shut up and kept switching seats and making cell phone calls?!?  AHH!!  Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in...  Sorry.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help!  Join us at the JABB YahooGroup, the email list for members of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade to get to know each other and talk about everything Andrew-related and not!  For more information visit

Or email Jenni.

We hope to hear from you!

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