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Contest expired on November 7th, 2003. Congrats to the winner!

Hi everyone!
Welcome to JABB's annual Halloween issue.  Before we get to the actual newsletter, I'd like to let everyone know that some of us at the
JABB YahooGroup participated in a TBAA-themed Halloween Pass-the-Story.  We just recently finished and you can see the result here:
We'll continue to edit the story in the next few days but if you notice anything please email me at this email address.  Thanks!  Now...

In honor of Halloween, we're going to have a contest.  With in this issue we've hidden several TBAA episode titles.  Whoever wins can choose a prize from our lists and we will then have Amazon ship it to you.  Please read the rules first.

1.  Episode titles may be arranged differently but the words will all be there.  But punctuation and capitalization may be altered.

2.  Each title only counts the *first* time it is used.  Repeats do not count.

3.  There is no bonus for how soon you respond.  So take your time and try to find as many as possible but we must receive all answers by November 7th.

4.  If you want to participate but do not want the prize, please make that clear when you send in your answers.  In the event you win, we will then send the prize to the second place winner.

5.  In the event of a tie, we will offer a brief trivia quiz and whomever wins that gets the prize.

6.  If you win and choose a prize, you must give us your address, first and last name, and permission to give it to in order for your prize to be successfully delivered.

7.  Send your answers to Jenni.  If you do not receive a confirmation from her telling you she received your email with in 24 hours, send it again please.

Now... onto the story. 

The Dyelanders were all slightly on edge this year.  First, Lady JenniAnn had run away from Dyeland City not once but twice.  And then some yahoo had come to Dyeland claiming to have dirt on Andrew!  In such a time as this, it was small wonder that people were spooked when they saw a hooded figure in black come darting through Dyeland City and into the castle.

Adam was standing in front of the doors to the Ballroom, waiting for Andrew when the figure approached him. 

"Where is the angel of death?" it said in a gravelly voice.

"I am an angel of..." Adam began but was cut short.

"The other one.  Where is Andrew?" the figure asked again.

Adam tried to sneak a peek at its face but it was covered in a sheer cloth that made it difficult to distinguish features.  The only thing he could make out at all were glints of reflected light indicating eyes peering out of the darkness and at him.  The massive black robe didn't offer any clues either.

"I'm not sure I should tell you."  Adam moved to block the door that Andrew was behind.

"Fear not!" the mysterious voice said as it pushed past a bewildered Adam and walked towards the unsuspecting Andrew. 

Andrew's back was to the figure and he didn't notice its presence until its hand had grabbed his shoulder.  He turned around and a look of shock came over his face. 

"Get away from him!"  Adam yelled as the figure made a sudden movement.

Meanwhile, in Monica's Cafe, a group of Androolers were gathered to discuss their costumes for the party that was to take place that evening.  Everyone was excited, the party would be something of a reunion.  It had been months since all of Dyeland had gathered together.  Some among them had planned it and had made sure secrets and lies surrounded the whole affair.  The pact they'd made prohibited them from revealing details until the party began.

Over coffee, tea, pastries, bagels, and the blue angel food cake that was the Cafe's signature dessert the group discussed their costumes and, more importantly, whether Andrew would attend and what his costume would be.  Frankly, some of their ideas would have made the poor angel blush.  But then, they didn't really mind that.  He was awfully cute when he blushed... 

As the giggling ceased, one of them spoke up.  "Y'know, this is fun and all but the heart of the matter remains that Andrew doesn't even like Halloween.  I don't understand why we continue to celebrate a holiday our friend despises?"

"I guess the party planning crew just has a lot of chutzpah.  Think about it the opposite way.  If so many people enjoy the holiday, why would Andrew put himself above all them and deny them their quality time with their costumes and candy?  You do what you want, but I intend to accept the invitation and attend the party tonight."

"True and it's probably better than having Andrew spend the night alone.  Wallowing.  So I guess I'll go.  What are friends for but to cheer us up when we think an entire holiday has been designed with the purpose of giving us a bad reputation?" 

The group was disrupted by someone entering the cafe and slamming the door behind them.  Their hearts began to beat faster when the stunned figure explained "Reaper!  There's a reaper headed into Dyeland Castle!"

With those words the occupants of the cafe darted out the door, at godspeed, towards the castle, and began their manhunt.  Or reaperhunt rather.

Back at Dyeland Castle, Adam and Andrew grew more nervous minute by minute.  They stared in horror as the figure before them bent over and began to cough uncontrollably.  Suddenly, something blue, very dark blue flew from its face.  It was gesturing wildly as if playing the world's most confusing version of charades.  Andrew started to approach the figure but before he could it spoke again.  The words coming out first hoarsely and then clearer.

"Geez, stupid cold.  Ha!  There's my head scarf.  I wondered where it had went.  'Seek and ye shall find!'  It must have fallen onto my face when I ran here.  I wondered why everything looked so dark..."  The figure then stood up, face now uncovered and hood fallen from her head.

"JenniAnn??"  Andrew said as his heart began to return to its normal pace.

"Umm yeah.  Who'd you think?  Oh!  Have you seen me without my glasses?  Maybe that's what threw you off.  Worked for Superman!"  JenniAnn looked at him curiously before she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror.  She'd rushed to the castle in such a hurry that she grabbed the first thing she could to cover her costume and protect it from the mud.  Unknowingly she had grabbed a long, hooded black sweater coat.  "Oh my gosh!  I'm so sorry Andrew.  With this and that scarf fallen over my face I looked like a grim reaper!  Trust me, it was not intentional."  JenniAnn felt awful but the two angels of death could barely control their laughter and even she started to see the humor in the situation.  After laughing herself, JenniAnn explained "I came here because I wanted to explain things before you saw all this."

Many of the Dyelanders sincerely loved Halloween, dressing up, handing out candy, etc.  But they also respected Andrew's stance and the grudge he bore against the celebration.  As a compromise, Audrey, JenniAnn, Joy, Mieke, Miriam, and some others had, in a labor of love, decided to decorate the ballroom in a festive, magical but decidedly un-Halloween theme.  Twinkle lights in blue and gold hung from the ceiling.  Candles were scattered about waiting to be lit.  Delicate blue cloths covered the tables.  Flowers were in the center of all the tables.  The whole effect gave the room a celestial feel.

Andrew took in the room and began to think that maybe, just maybe, this October 31st would be a good one.

The party started out beautifully.  There was a full moon in the sky and the moonlight slipping into the windows made the room even more heavenly.  The empty chairs were almost entirely filled and it was still 15 minutes before dinner was to begin.  The turn out was amazing.  And the costumes were fantastic.  Not a single person had come dressed as anything that would upset Andrew.  There was Bunny dressed as a wolf, Mieke in her Cinderella dress, Joy was none other than AnaMaria lately of "Pirates of the Caribbean" fame, princesses, clowns, pirates, elves, fairies, and animals of all sorts were ready to begin breaking bread together.  And the "sky is falling" tone of the day had went away when it was revealed to everyone that the grim reaper that had been spotted was none other than JenniAnn having a very bad fashion moment.  After getting rid of the problematic, black sweater coat JenniAnn had revealed her own costume, Lizzie Bennet from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice."  The Dyelanders were delighted by each other's costumes.  But one person remained to be seen...  Andrew was missing in action.

"Where is Andrew, anyway?" Miriam asked, nervously fingering the feathers on her angel costume.

"I don't know but he better show up after we went to all this trouble to de-Halloween the Halloween party.  Else, in an act of tough love, some of us are gonna have to go over to his house and drag him here," JenniAnn answered only half joking and beginning to frown.

"Let's not jump to any conclusions."  Audrey responded.

"I just hope he's not remembering me the last time we tried to have a Halloween party and I ended up nearly accusing him of trying to kill me." JenniAnn frowned at the memory.

Suddenly, the Dyelanders were interrupted by the big bang in the foyer.  Like the front door slamming shut.  Then came a sound like hooves on the wooden floor...

"Sure hope they aren't cloven!" Adam, who had just entered from the nearby TV room said with a wicked grin.  The joke distilled some of the nervousness in the room.

Suddenly, the Ballroom's French doors were thrown open.  As the latest arrival stepped into the room, all thoughts of Mr. Darcy flew out of "Lizzie Bennet's" head.  "Cinderella" couldn't have been happier if Prince Charming had just come through the door.  "AnaMaria's" Captain Jack couldn't have been more impressive...  Adam just burst out laughing.

"Hey there, pardner!" he said as Andrew, sitting atop his horse Trinity, decked out in black jeans, a black button up shirt, and a black cowboy hat looked down at the assorted Dyelanders. 

"Hey Adam," Andrew said blushing when he realized the impact his costume had on nearly the entire room.  He quickly dismounted.  "Good evening, ladies" Andrew said, emphasizing his Southern drawl. 

"Hello!  I love you!" someone shouted from the crowd.

Andrew blushed again and the crowd laughed and then stared some more.

Adam saw this could go on for a good long time and decided, being one of the few people in the room to still have some sense about him, to interrupt it.  "Hey!  Dinner's waiting.  I'm not letting this food go to waste for all the tea in China!"

Andrew sent Adam a grateful smile as laughing and chatting started up again and everyone moved to the tables.

Andrew laughed to himself when he heard someone at a nearby table say "That boy may not like Halloween, but that Halloween costume sure agrees with him..."

The dinner was delicious and gave everyone the chance to catch up with each other.  Then they happily spent the rest of the night thoroughly enjoying their reaper- free costume party. 
The End.  Remember to send your answers to Jenni!
Special thanks to Karen for suggesting that Andrew come dressed as a cowboy.  And to Sara for supplying the name of Andrew's horse.  Also to Jenni's brother who, though he didn't know why he was, advised her on proper cowboy wear.

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