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Hey everyone! 
Before we get into the actual body of the newsletter, we'd like to give you a heads up on the next issue.  In about two weeks, we will be sending you our Halloween-themed issue.  It will be a story and with in it we will hide the titles of TBAA episodes through out the 9 seasons.  A prize from will be awarded to the winner.  So start studying those episode titles!!  :-) 
Also, I have a request regarding unsubscriptions to this newsletter.  All of you receive this because you either emailed us and asked to join or you subscribed yourselves to the JABB Yahoogroup.  That being said, if you would like to leave please take the time to email us and let us know so we can unsubscribe you.  We've had a couple instances of people just blocking us from sending them email.  This obviously works for them but is an inconvenience for us.  When people do this, it doesn't let us send the issue to *anyone* and then we have to sift through the subscriber list and remove people and wait for AOL to unfreeze the email.  We have no problem unsubbing people and just ask that you please take the time to let us know so we can take care of it.  Thank you.
Now... onto this issue.
In the last newsletter we offered you 9 different possible "holidays" we might start celebrating in JABB.  The following were selected, so mark your calendars for these!
March 20th will now be celebrated as Past Assignments Day.
2.  On or about
May 13th we will celebrate the Commemoration of the Murder Trial that Wasn't.

3.  September 20th will be celebrated as...  Andrew's Birthday (Observed)!  Obviously we do not know Andrew's actual birthday but feel coinciding it with TBAA's usual premiere date will be cool.
So we look forward to sending you issues devoted to these new celebrations as the dates roll around!  And, in place of the Super Sweeps Stunt (since we no longer have a reason to celebrate Sweeps periods), JABB will now feature at least one issue a year devoted to sappiness.  In this issue(s) the usual comedic (hopefully!) tone will make way for... sap.  Cause at least one half of JABB's authorship is a complete sap and needs somewhere to vent it.  Plus, why not help the Kleenex people out?  :-) 

Now, to tide you over until next issue's big contest, we hope you enjoy the following word search which you can see at:
The answers are available at:
If you are unable to access the Internet but would like to have the word search, please email me and I will email it to you.


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