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Hello! Welcome to the last JABB of 1998!!! JABB would like to remind you to celebrate safely. We don't want anyone running into Andrew just yet! We also would like to wish you all a great 1999! May 1999 bring us lots of Andrew episodes and happy hours of Androoling! Then of course shortly after New Years we have......

Dye Day!!!!!!

As you all know John's birthday is the 31st of January and we have come to refer to it as Dye Day. In addition to our plans to sponsor a child from Save the Children we will also be doing some partying!!!! (Look for more info about the sponsorship after this announcement please) We will be hosting a chat room on Talkcity. The name is DyeDay. If it works out you will be able to access it from IRC also. If you need info about how to get into it from either IRC or talkcity feel free to email me. Since John's birthday is on a Sunday this year we will either have the party the Saturday before or that Sunday afternoon, depending on what works best for most people. We have some activities in mind for the party and will welcome any more suggestions. (NOTE: Nothing rowdy this will be kept to a G/PG level LOL) Also if you could please just RSVP by emailing either me, Jenni, or AudreyLet us know if Saturday or Sunday will work better for you.

Here are our plans so far:

1. Send virtual gifts! OK, OK so we very well can't send John a bunch of gifts so how about if as a game we all send "gifts" then open them in the chat for him. We could do this one of 2 ways. Everyone could email Audrey and myself their ideas on what to get him. Describe the present, the wrapping paper, etc. Audrey and I can then "open" the gifts (i.e., describe them in detail) or everyone can "open" their own.

2. I will think up some John/Andrew trivia and we can answer those in the chat.

3. I am devising a way to play "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" online. I think I have it figured out so you can expect a few rounds of "Pin the Tail on Chiwawa" Virtual prizes will be sent to those who win the games.

4. I will also be writing him sort of explaining about JABB and what we are doing with Save the Children. I will try to send this out before the party but I may also wait and we can compose it during the party. If you have any ideas of what I should put in his letter let me know. I will attempt to make us all sound as sane as possible :-) No seriously I think he will really appreciate what we are doing with the sponsorship, it's just the idea of a support group for those addicted to him might surprise him a tiny bit LOL

Save The Children Update!!!!

I will be calling Save the Children soon and would like some feedback before I do that. I would like your opinion, whether you plan to donate money or not. Like I said before prayer support will help this child too. We have 2 decisions to make so here they are:

1. Do we want to sponsor:
A boy
A girl
or doesn't matter

2. Do we want to sponsor from:
Latin American/Caribbean
Middle East/ North Africa
United States
Where ever there is the greatest need

After we get these settled I'm gonna call STC so I would appreciate feedback before the 5th of January. Now onto the New Years Resolutions! Good luck in keeping them! LOL

New Year's Resolutions from our Members
Teri: I promise to never say "John" and "Chocolate" in the same sentence.
Lisa: I promise to cut back on drooling over the AOD.
Reggie: I promise to be an Androoler coz I wasn't one the past year.
Sara: I promise to stop including JD in my fantasy dyereams. NOT
Karen: I think I will resolve to continue androoling six days a week!!!
Kristin: I resolve to marry John Dye
Susan: OK, I want to have like, 10 kids with him- all boys with long gorgeous hair and green eyes like him. They'll all look just like John! :)
Tara: I vow to over the next 12 months lower and lower my drool bucket until after 12 months I will no longer be dependent on it.
Jenni: I will try really super hard to keep up with step 9 and not name anything else Andrew, John, or any variation thereof. This applies to pets, stuffed animals, future children, etc. I will also vow to continue to help write JABB and helps others with their addictions.

Promised Land

As many of you know TBAA's sister show Promised Land has been put on a hiatus by CBS. Historically this is not a great thing to happen to a show. It can often result in loss of fans and sponsors etc. It is important that we keep these types of shows on the air. While it may not seem likely if CBS keeps thinking that no one other than males 18-49 count TBAA and PL could go the way of Dr. Quinn. We must stop PL from being canceled! Even if you don't watch it often we would encourage you to do something to protect it, in the end it will be TBAA and other family shows we will protect. JABB now offers you........

A Glimpse into the future!!!!

It's Sunday night, you snuggle up in front of the TV in your oversized TBAA T-shirt with your carton of ice cream and your drool bucket. Tic toc tic toc. The 60 Minutes clock tells you that TBAA will be starting soon. 5 minutes...4...3...2...1...

Its TBAA time!!!!! Any moment now Angel Boy will walk onto your screen and into your heart as he has for years. But wait! NO!!!!!! This isn't right! No TBAA?!?!?!?! What happened!?!?! Good gosh! Its a cop show! To make it even worse that cop isn't nearly as cute as Andrew! That's right CBS has done it again! You lost DQ and then there was that time when PL appeared to be going down the same path. Petitions were everywhere, letter writing campaigns were in full swing. But yet it wasn't TBAA, it wouldn't affect TBAA so why fight? Now you see, it's happening again. You close your eyes hoping that when you open them the angels will be there. Slowly you open your eyes and find it was only a dream, a horrible, awful nightmare. But what's that strange glow coming from your TV room? You get up and walk into the room. There he is!!! Andrew!!! You recover from your initial shock and realize he is speaking to you. "Fight now!" He says. "Fight for PL, fight for TBAA, fight for the quality of programming you have come to expect from CBS." Those ever expressive eyebrows implore you to do something! Still a tad dazed you nod. Andrew then disappears and as he does something floats down from heaven. A piece of paper? Yes, it is and written on it you find an address.

Les Moonves
CBS Entertainment
C/O CBS Audience Services
524 West 57th St.
New York, NY. 10019

Les Moonves' address? Why do you want that?!?! Then it dawns on you, write to him and tell him how much you are grateful for the quality programming that is PL and TBAA. Ask him to please not make any moves to cancel PL. If we all do this perhaps we can save PL and in the end save TBAA. If nothing else maybe we can get the idea across that we do care! Even if we do lose this battle you will know that you tried and the spirit of PL will continue on. So why don't you go write Mr. Moonves that letter? Don't let this glimpse into the future become the present. The future is not written in stone.

Disclaimer: No, we have no reason to believe TBAA is in danger. Please do not interpret this to mean that. This was just a creative way to inform JABB members on how we can help to keep good shows on the air. I believe that currently TBAA is doing better in the ratings than it did last year. But we want Mr. Moonves and those at CBS to know that there are devoted fans of these shows. Even if you don't watch PL much remember John has on occasion appeared on the show and given us Andrew screen time twice a week! We don't want to lose that now do we?!? Thank you for joining JABB in this fight! For more info please join Kolya's Save PL list by going to (Group no longer in existence.  Please visit  to fondly remember the show!)

Birthdays and Intros

JABB would like to welcome our new members and invite them to submit their birthdays to Jenni so they can receive their JABB email birthday card when their special day comes! This goes for anyone who has not already submitted their birthdate (and no we do not need to know the year) We also would love to know a little bit about our members and would love to have intros is you care to submit them.

JABB Webpages

Jenni is currently working on the JABB pages set up on AOL so if you have difficulty getting into them don't worry its only temporary. The TOC just had too many pictures and I am rearranging them. Keep an eye out for Chiwawa though! As our new mascot his picture will be featured on the TOC!

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