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(Note: AOL is not letting me send anything!  So...  I finally gave up and am sending it from here.  The AOL Service people told me the email was sent.  However, I never got it at my own address I sent it to so I doubt that.  But if you do get multiple copies, I'm really sorry.  Hopefully, the next issue will be sent from my AOL address but who knows! ~Jenni)

Hello everyone!  Well, sadly or happily, this is the first issue post-return to school.  (Also the first issue being sent from new address, let me know if you receive this twice or have other problems, please!)  Both myself and Audrey are now seniors in college!  It's hard to believe we'd only just barely ended sophomore year of high school when this all started!  Since we've almost made it through our college years, we've decided to offer some words of wisdom to those who will soon begin or have all ready begun their time in college, high school, or other.  First, do your homework.  Second, don't sleep through your classes.  Third, listen to Andrew.  That being said we present Andrew's Top Ten Tips for Being a Successful Student.  (He's thinking of becoming the next Dr. Phil!)  Also, for all concerned TBAA fans, we'll give you ideas on how to make your own Emergency Kit for when late September rolls around and you realize the Saturday/Sunday evening time slot is really lonely...  But first...

Andrew's Top Ten Tips for Being a Successful Student

Thank you Audrey and JenniAnn for allowing me the opportunity to get the word out.  I care deeply about each of you and hope you'll have blessed and safe semesters!

10.  If you feel like you've lost touch with your classes' subject material, don't be afraid to let me know.  Taking American History?  I can give you a stunning and suspenseful play-by-play of the last days of Abraham Lincoln.  Theology/Religion class seem dull?  Planning a Christmas pageant for your Theater class?  I'll have Tess fill you in on the exact placement of the Wisemen of the Nativity.  Mess it up and you'll have her to deal with!

9.  Feeling like you're the only one who can't figure out that advanced Calculus problem?  Horrified to find out that you're the only one in your Art Fundamentals class that can't draw a horse?  I'll have Monica meet up with you and she can share her triumphant account of how she got over being the only angel who can't sing.

8.  Be safe.  Don't engage in risky behavior.  Because I don't want to end up called to your little area of the world on assignment.  And you don't want me to either because I can do that "I am really disappointed in you" look really well. 

7.  Study.  You've been given a great opportunity!  But don't be afraid to ask for help.  I understand that it's hard.  But accepting help doesn't make you any less intelligent, successful, etc.  My friends have helped me several times.

6.  Don't burn out.  Studying is important but so is some time off.  Go to a cafe with a good book (or take Monica, she's always game for a good latte).  Or enjoy some ginger ale with orange juice with a friend at a favorite hangout.  That's what I do to blow off steam.

5.  Keep in contact with friends and family who may now be miles away.  Don't let your life turn into "The One that Got Away" when you'll figure out your lovely best friend has turned into a homicidal maniac bent on killing your friends. 

4.  Try to remember everyone you meet on campus.  There's nothing more annoying than when you keep forgetting people and then act like you've never seen them before in your life.  Monica and I must have met a good 3 or 4 times before we finally figured out we'd all ready met!

3.  Please, please, please do not drift off during class thinking about me.  Really I'm honored but I've been a professor before.  Looking out at the blank expressions of your students in no fun. 

2.  Ugh, I knew that would happen when I said that.  Now, please stop fantasizing about me being your professor. 

1.  Takes good notes in lecture.  Good notes for yourself.  Not completely unrelated notes to me containing declarations of undying love.  Again, incredibly honored but PAY ATTENTION!!!

Thank you Andrew for that spirited top ten.  Now...
JABB's Patented
"OMG!  TBAA isn't on this year!" Emergency Kit

It's important to be prepared.  Right now I'm sure many of us are feeling just fine about TBAA's departure.  However, as the returning shows start creeping back to the airwaves, it may become harder to cope when TBAA doesn't follow suit.  We recommend you carry the following items with you during the times you would have normally watched TBAA.

1.  A large photo of Andrew.  If you start hyperventilating when your clock chimes 7 (or whatever time TBAA was on for you) just look into his eyes and feel the sense of calm...

2.  Some darts and the CBS symbol.  Now we're not exactly blaming CBS.  We don't know the circumstances surrounding the decision to end TBAA.  But you may need to release some anger.  So just pitch a few darts at the Eye.  Believe me, the Eye won't feel a thing.

3.  Some plaster, some Barbies (or the like), and a flashlight.  Make Ken and Barbie masks to make them look like Andrew and Monica.  Dub Skipper their assignment and have fun!!  Simply hold the flashlight over the dolls' heads to achieve a heavenly glow.

4.  A CD/tape player with a mixed CD/tape of all your favorite Andrew songs.  Come on, I know some you have Andrew songs!  My personal favorite is "I'll Lead You Home" by Michael W. Smith.  Anyway...  pop that sucker into the audio player around TBAA time and remember...  and dye-dream.

5.  Walkie-talkies, cell phones, computer, or, hey, even a baby monitor that can instantly put you in contact with another Androoler. Talking to them may not bring TBAA back to the airwaves but at least you can commiserate and/or swoon with someone. 

6.  Your imagination.  Andrew and the rest can never really be gone when you still have that.  If it's really great write a fanfic and share it with the rest of us!  We're always looking for more participation from our members...  Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  ;-)


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