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Contest expired on August 23rd, 2003. Congrats to the winner!

Hello! This is a very special issue of JABB. No, not in the "Monica and Andrew are getting married" or "We're killing off a character!" kinda way. More in a we're giving away free stuff kinda way. Here's the deal. With in this issue we've hidden catch phrases from several movies. Whoever gets the most points gets to pick a prize from a list we've created of selected TBAA and John Dye related items available from We will then have the selected prize mailed to you, at our expense. Of course this means we will have to get the winner's permission to give Amazon their mailing address because Amazon will be shipping it, not us. If you plan on participating please read the rules very carefully. Now here they are:

1. You must send us a list of the phrases you found as well as what movie they are from. We don't need to know what character said them.

2. It must be a line strongly associated with and particular to the movie. Many of us probably know that the sentence "I am" can be found in "The Ten Commandments" and just about any Jesus movie. Not to mention practically every movie ever made! That would not count since it is not particular to any one or even a select few movies. However, when in doubt just send it to us. We may not count it but we certainly won't deduct points for sending it in.

3. The first person to respond gets a bonus 5 points, the second a bonus 4, and the third a bonus 3 points. In addition, each phrase with its matching movie title is worth 3 points. So, if you answer second and get 10 movie lines and movies your score would be 34.

4. We may change the punctuation in a movie line. Or we may insert the line into a longer sentence even if it was used alone in the movie. Or we may only use part of a line. If it looks like a movie line but is a few words off, go ahead and send it to us. We may have just accidentally misquoted something.

5. We will tally the scores on August 23rd. We will not accept answers after this date and our results are final. Only the person with the most points will be awarded the prize. If everything works out we may try this again in a few months.

If you have questions please email Jenni.

Let's get started!

Movie Night in Dyeland

Scores of Dyelanders were gathered in the Roseate Theatre in Dyeland City. Andrew was trying to figure out the movie projector while Audrey and JenniAnn were diligently working to pop the popcorn with out reducing it to black ashes.

"Geez... how much more popcorn do we need? How long is this movie supposed to last?" JenniAnn asked as she shoveled yet more black popcorn into the trash can.

"I'm not sure but the movie's pretty long. These go to eleven, usually." Audrey answered

After several minutes Andrew had finally cued up a film and Audrey was passing out buckets of lovely, yellow popcorn. When Audrey finished and JenniAnn made sure all the Dyelanders were settled with their favorite beverages and snacks, Andrew started the movie and then took his seat.

"Watching movies is an interesting thing for an angel," Andrew thought to himself. "Everyone else here just sees action on a screen. It's different when you've actually experienced the things on screen."

"Hey, Andrew, can you please pass the popcorn?" Audrey asked, interrupting his thoughts.

Startled, Andrew stared at her for a moment and then picked up the popcorn and handed it to her. "Sure, as you wish."

Andrew tried to focus on the screen which was showing previews for the Christmas 2003 season but he was distracted by a sudden clip that brought back vivid memories. Suddenly he bolted to his feet and moved toward the aisle but first JenniAnn grabbed his arm.

"Andrew, what's the matter? Sit down and watch the movie with us, you need a break." JenniAnn whispered with concern.

"Thanks but I forgot I was supposed to call someone."

"Who ya gonna call?"

"I must phone home. Donít worry, I'll be back." Andrew evaded the question, ran down the aisle, out the door, and headed away from the theatre.



Once Andrew got away from the movie watchers and into his house, he calmed. "Thereís no place like home!" Andrew thought to himself. "Now what am I going to tell those girls?" Andrew picked up the phone and called the only person he could trust.

"Adam? What am I going to do? How can I explain to JenniAnn and Audrey and the rest my feelings about those movies? I just donít know what to say."

"Well," Adam began, "you are but one man. One man alone cannot fight the future."

"Ha ha, Adam."

"Seriously. Just tell them you have some business to attend to."

"Do you think theyíd buy that? I do have some people to take Home. Thanks, Adam."

Andrew rushed back to the movie night. "Hey girls. I have some work to do. I wish I could stay and help out but Iím late! Iím late. For a very important date."

"Do you have someone to take Home?" Audrey questioned.

"Yes," Andrew began. "Killing is my business people and business is goood! Bring out yer dead!!"

The Dyelanders looked inquisitively at Andrew. Something was seriously wrong. If only they could figure out what.



Adam hung up the phone. He could tell Andrew was troubled but he also knew help was on the way. Andrew's destiny was about to change. Adam began chanting in a sing-song voice "Destiny! Destiny! No escaping that for me. Destiny! Destiny! No escaping that for me. Or Andrew... Or anyone really. Hmmm..."



The next day JenniAnn and Audrey went to visit Andrew to see what he was so anxious about. To their surprise he was working on Tessís caddie!

"Wax on. Wax off," he was murmuring to himself over and over again. "Tess is going to kill me if I donít do this right."

"Andrew... Andrew. Relax. Youíll shoot your eye out with that thing. Sweet..." JenniAnn suddenly stopped when she realized Audrey was looking at her with arched eyebrows.

"Andrew, you're worrying everyone. Maybe you can't talk to us but please just answer one thing. Did we do anything wrong? Maybe we shouldn't have shown that movie. We weren't thinking and..."

Andrew interrupted Audrey, "You did nothing wrong. I just feel... I feel like I should be able to watch movies with out bringing old cases to mind. Adam can. Henry does. They see actors and sets and costumes. Me? I see dead people. I see old cases. Nine ten never sleep again, right? Thatís me. And you know what else, with all the movies coming out itís like these people donít die. They multiply. It's just... frustrating is all. I'm sorry, but I think I'd like to be left alone now."

As Andrew walked away JenniAnn began to follow him and would have had Audrey not grabbed her hair as she fled.

"Hey! I want to follow Andrew. Let go!"

"No way. What do you think you're gonna do?"

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." JenniAnn answered huffily.


"Umm... If he opens up and lets us help him, I'll... I'll... Buy him a pizza! And doughnuts and then I'll redo his entire house in cheery colors and then I'll... I'll throw a party for him and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!"

"That's ridiculous! Pizza! No way. It's back to the "bat cave" for you!"

"I don't live in a cave!"

"Practically! The way you've hidden yourself in a forest! Regardless of your cave-dwelling status, Andrew needs alone time. Not you following him and starting up with your 'You complete me' dream-talk."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. It just doesn't seem like he should be alone. Even if he thinks it's what he needs."

"He's not alone." Audrey finished as the two girls went back to the castle.



Andrew walked to the nearest forest where he began to aimlessly wander. He did this for several minutes when two snakes slid across the path he was following and distracted him. While focusing on the serpents he failed to see a tree root which tripped him, causing Andrew to fall to the ground. He rolled to his back and mumbled "Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?". He was just about to get himself back up when a hooded figure came into view and offered Andrew its hand. Cautiously Andrew accepted the help and tried to make out the face beneath the hood.

Once he was on his feet Andrew questioned the mysterious figure. "Who are you?"

Andrew became concerned when the figure began making noises as if it was breathing very deeply. "Andrew..." More deep breaths. "I am your Father. Wanna play?" The figure then began laughing heartily and removed his hood, which was attached to a well-worn red sweatshirt, to reveal nearly black hair that was well cared for but not entirely tame, dark skin, and brown eyes that had glints of gold in them.

Andrew stood staring, not sure whether to laugh or gasp.

"Surprised? I've heard people say they thought I must sound like James Earl Jones. I thought I'd give it a try. But judging by your reaction I think I would do better to stick with my own voice."

"It's you... In Dyeland?!" Andrew was still dismayed.

"Yep, I mean... I'm King of the world, not to mention some other places so Dyeland isn't exactly out of my jurisdiction. Think about it, Mr. President, my job is to go where no man has gone before." he said smiling. "Would you like me to leave?"

"No!" Andrew exclaimed, "I'm sorry it's just I was so distracted and then I fell and then some Vader-esque voice shows up and... Oh!" Andrew made a quick move and bowed.

"Thanks, but I understand your confusion," he explained as he again offered Andrew his hand to help him up. "Y'know I did come here for a reason. I mean other than trying my Darth Vader impersonation. Andrew, I think you need a change. This angel of death business is hard... And to do it alone..."

"I can handle it! Please don't transfer me. I enjoy helping people. I..."

"Hold on, son. I'm not suggesting you transfer. Maybe we just make some changes. Just temporary." Here the smile he had worn began to fade, "Andrew, I know what you and the others go through. As you know, when assignments are particularly complicated and horrible I go myself. Andrew, it's hard for me, too. I can't lose my way. I can't get depressed. I can't lose hope. It is not in my nature. But I can get sad, Andrew. And I wish I didn't have to go alone. The assignments aren't easy Andrew but if you would go with me..."

"I would be honored."

"Great!" he exclaimed as his beaming smile returned. "First thing's first. This is the human form I intend to use for a while."

"Cool, a new one?"

"No, rather old really. But I rather like it. Brings back some nice memories."

"And what should I call you?"

"I've decided I'd like to be called Theo this time around."

"Theo? Yes, it suits you. Rhymes with Neo. 'He is the one!'" Andrew quoted through his laughter. Theo also laughed.

"I can't say that occurred to me but yes it does rhyme. Now maybe I should look the part." As he said this Theo suddenly appeared in a long black coat and dark sunglasses. Andrew immediately burst out laughing as Theo tried his best to look very serious and Neo-like.

"That outfit fits you like a glove!" he said winking.

"Umm... Perhaps not." Theo said as his red hooded sweatshirt and jeans reappeared. "Well, Andrew it's getting late and this human form would appreciate some dinner."

"Sounds good! Where would you like to go?"

"I know just the place. But it's a surprise."

"Okay, sounds fun. Which way?"

"Let's take the short cut." Theo made a mysterious movement and the two figures disappeared, leaving the forest empty except for a few squirrels and birds and the echo of Theo saying "To infinity and beyond!" and Andrew laughing.

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