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Hi all! Well, summer's almost over! The bad news is that means some of us have to return to regular school and work hours. :-) But on the plus side, the regular TV season is back! Of course, that's not as good news this year with TBAA's departure. :-( But I have an idea that might help a bit. I'd like to gather a team of writers to write an issue of JABB that would resemble what TBAA's 10th premiere might have looked like had the show gone on to a tenth season. If you're interested in being part of a team like that please email me, Jenni, by August 10th. I'll be out of town until the 7th so don't be surprised or discouraged if you don't hear from me right away, I'll return all emails as soon as I return. Now, onto the newsletter!


As you may know, in previous issues we've had members write in and ask us questions. Others have written in to "Dear Annie Dru" to get answers to their questions. Well, you're not the only ones with questions! JABB's authors have questions too. Except when we have questions we go to the most trustworthy source of all... A Magic Eight Ball. Here are some of the answers we received from good, old M.E.B.

Eight Ball, is JABB at all funny?

Eight Ball: Signs point to yes.

Well that's encouraging. Eight Ball, will we still be writing JABB when we're 80?

Eight Ball: My reply is no.

Oh thank goodness! I don't think I have that many more top tens about toolbelts in me! M.E.B., do you find Andrew more attractive with short hair than long hair?

Eight Ball: Ask again later.

Well it's not that difficult! But I'll give you a break... for now. Eight, can I call you Eight?

Eight Ball: My reply is no.

Geez, I freed you from that discount store! No reason to get huffy. Have you decided about the hair yet? Short hair better than long?

Eight Ball: Signs point to yes.

Traitor! Just kidding. Now, did Andrew get enough screen time in your opinion?

Eight Ball: YES

You've got to be kidding! Do you think Androolers are insane?

Eight Ball: My reply is no.

I respect that. Didn't you just wanna hug Andrew when he started crying during "The Journalist"? On the stairs... While praying! Oh! Here come the tears! Anyway, did you?

Eight Ball: Very definitely.

You're my kind of Eight Ball! Didn't you just *love* his sideburns in "Beautiful Dreamer"?

Eight Ball: My senses say no.

Okay... Well, maybe your senses are right. They were kinda... sideburn-y. Last question, did you like Andrew better in the first season than in the third season?

Eight Ball: Yes, definitely.

Hey! Stupid Eight Ball! He wasn't even in the first season! See if I ever let you talk in *my* newsletter again. So what you think about that?

Eight Ball: I think you're insane. Errr... Ummm... Oops. Reply hazy try again.


Newsletter 118