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Hi everyone. First, this newsletter is late. Second, this newsletter is short. We just completely lost track of time and in two weeks JABB will turn five. So... we want to go all out for that and think we should get a little break before then. So, hopefully in two weeks you will get a really fun, impressive newsletter. Until then, you just have to deal with this one. :-) Or just delete it... Your choice, really.

Andrew V. Teddy

It was late one evening when a little girl walked in on her parents watching an old tape of "Touched by an Angel". She had dark brown curls surrounding her head and was squeezing her teddy bear.

"Mommy?" she asked. "Who's that?" She pointed at Andrew with her teddy bear.

"Why, that's Andrew. He's an angel," her mother told her.

"He's no better than my teddy bear. Teddy's the GREATEST!" a huge smile rolled across her face as she spoke.

"But Andrew is an angel. You can't beat an angel. Angels watch over you and keep you safe."

"Teddy does that. And he's soft and fluffy too. Teddy's as good as that stupid angel. He's the bestest!"

"Can your teddy dry your tears?"


"Does your teddy love you?"

"Of course."

"Does your teddy protect you?"

"From *every* thing!"

"Umm. Sounds like a pretty good teddy. Look!" her mother pointed to the television set where Andrew was glowing like crazy.

"Can your teddy do that?"

"No," said the little girl softly. "Teddy's not a show off."


Newsletter 116