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Hi everyone!!! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season! We have a great Christmas issue of JABB for you! We hope you enjoy it! The next JABB will be sent out right before New Years so if any of you have any John/Andrew related resolutions please email them to either me, Jenni or Audrey.  We hope you enjoy this issue and we also have a matter to discuss regarding John's upcoming birth day. Its follows the story. Also Jarrod was kind enough to type up directions for ornaments for all of us.

I tried to add a pic to help but it is a bit blurry. Enjoy!

A Christmas Carol JABB Style

It was late Christmas night and Andrew was seated beside an evergreen tree watching a dust storm blow through Texas. He stared out at a bright star in the sky just thinking. Truth be told this was not his happiest Christmas. His last assignment had not worked out too well and he was not used to failing. He just could not get Carl to realize his prejudice against Mexicans was wrong. Andrew had tried to tell him of God's love and how He loved everyone, equally. Some people just wouldn't listen. "Maybe I should just give up on him." Andrew thought. Sometimes he felt as if he was no longer helping anyone. He closed his eyes for a brief moment and prayed to God in his despair. When he opened his eyes a giant gust of wind formed and dust flew every where nearly blinding him. The star all of a sudden grew very bright, bright even to an angel. Andrew closed his eyes again and when he opened them he was amazed.........

He was in a room filled with Christmas trees, nativities, all the symbols of the holiday season. Some of the decorations appeared to be ancient, some looked as if they were as old as Christmas itself! Still others were quite futuristic in appearance but ancient or new they all testified to the happiness of this season. Andrew became aware of another presence in the room. He turned and saw.....Jarrod of Christmas Past!

"Hello and welcome to your past Andrew!" Jarrod said.

"Ummm thank you. Where exactly am I?" Andrew asked bewildered.

"The Past. Now come along you have a journey and you have only one night in which to take it." As Jarrod finished the words the room began to disappear. Next thing Andrew knew he was in a very different room.

A small child sat in a small, drafty cabin. Andrew and Jarrod looked around as they stood unnoticed in the corner of the room. Stockings hung above a fireplace in the back of the room. A meager, weak fire gave warmth to the room. A cold wind blew through the room, chilling the lil one and blowing out the fire. The small girl looked around, frightened. It would soon be dark and with mommy and daddy away for a bit she didn't know if she could start the fire again. A small tear trickled down her cheek and then suddenly a bright light filled the room.

"Hello there!" A brightly smiling Andrew said to the girl. As Andrew watched himself from the corner he had to wince at his outfit in this scene from the past. One of those awful leisure suits, no doubt left over from his Rock n' Rolling days with Adam and Henry. But he was not here to review previous fashion disasters so he looked at the girl.

"H-hello." The girl replied quietly.

"I see your fire has gone away. Here let me help you." With that Andrew started another fire then produced a warm blanket and placed it around the girl.

"What's your name?" She asked shyly.

Andrew smiled. "My name is Andrew and what's yours?"

"My name is Beth." Beth smiled for the first time since Andrew had come.

"Well, Beth what do you say we play some games until your mommy and daddy come home?" With those words Andrew brought forth crayons and coloring books and dolls and many board games. For hours he watched as Beth played with each toy with delight. She even drew him a picture of an angel. A couple hours passed and Andrew heard people outside the door. He knew it was Beth's parents. He bid good bye to Beth and she gave her new friend a hug and thanked him for the gifts. Then as quickly as it had appeared the room disappeared and Andrew was back in the room filled with decorations.

"I remember that night. It was Christmas 20 years ago. I had a day off and was wondering around my favorite parts of the world and it was then I saw the cabin. Beth was an adorable child. I wonder what she is doing now?" Andrew smiled at the memory.

"Beth is quite well now, she runs a half way house for poor families. You know your gifts were the only ones she received that night. Her parents had gone to a town meeting that night. They both worked at the same factory and had gotten laid off. Many lost their jobs in that town. Thanks to you Beth had a wonderful Christmas and it was that night that inspired her to help others who had fallen upon hard times." Jarrod explained.

"I am happy to hear that things worked out for her. I'm always glad when I can help others but lately......." Andrew spoke quietly.

"Do not despair Andrew you have much more to see. There will be another along shortly to show you what you need to see. I'll be on my way. Oh but just one warning, your next visitor is a bit umm well eccentric perhaps." With that Jarrod laughed and disappeared.

Andrew was once again alone but not for long.......

"Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I can't believe its you! Andrew??? I am so pleased to meet you!" The second visitor was as Jarrod had said quite eccentric!

"Oh um sorry yes well back to business. I'm Audrey and I am the Androoler of Christmas Present." Audrey quickly pulled herself back together.

"Well, shall we continue your journey?" Audrey asked beaming. "Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Here is Andrew! I can't wait to tell everyone at JABB!" Audrey thought to herself.

Suddenly both Audrey and Andrew were in a kitchen. Teri had been making her now famous Andrew with a Toolbelt Gingerbread Cookies. She had ever so carefully frosted the cookies complete with a toolbelt and that blonde hair all Androolers love! Not to mention that Teri makes the best gingerbread ever! Andrew had to chuckle at the small cookie replicas of himself.

Suddenly a Chihuahua with a name tag reading Chiwawa appeared out of no where and headed straight for the cookies! He ran off with every last one of them! Teri was quite upset over the loss of her Gingerbread Andrews. She'd slaved over a hot stove all day for those! She ran after Chiwawa but it was too late he'd disappeared.

"This is an awful day!" Teri cried.

Then Teri heard a voice. It was Andrew! She quickly ran to the TV room to find a marathon of TBAA. It was showing all of the great Andrew episodes too! Hours and hours of "The Journalist" and "The Violin Lesson" and "My Dinner with Andrew" and all the others! Teri forgot about her cookies and watched Angel Boy.

"This really is a good day!" She said cheerfully.

As Andrew smiled at the scene before him it disappeared and he was back in the Christmas Room.

"So you see," Audrey said, "you made Teri's day and have made so many others happy in all that you've done!"

"I'm glad but you know sometimes I wonder if I will be able to continue to help others in the future." Andrew said.

"Well, I think I will leave that to be answered by your next visitor. Before I go do you think maybe I could have your autograph?" Now that her assignment was done Audrey was as star struck as ever! She pulled a pic of Andrew from her purse and handed it to him along with a pen.

"Sure." Andrew blushed and signed his picture.

"Thanks!" With one final long glance at Andrew, Audrey disappeared as she began to drool.

"Joy to the World, Andrew's come.
Let Androolers receive their King.
Let every women Everywhere
Drool and gawk and drool
Drool and gawk and drool
Drool and gawk and drool
Drool and drool and drool and gawk and drool"

Andrew heard a child singing and turned around to see a small girl of about 7. She smiled up at him and said, "I know you! Mommy named me after you! I'm pleased to meet you! My name is AnnieDru." AnnieDru walked over to Andrew.

"One of mommy's friends wrote that song about you. You like it?" With that lil AnnieDru broke into another verse of the JABB version of "Joy to the World"

"So now your mommy named you after me? What's your mommy's name AnnieDru? And yes I do like the song." Andrew said laughingly.

"Well, her name's mommy! Anyway we have to be goin' you have a journey! Get ready for the year 2018!" AnnieDru reached for Andrew's hand as the room once again dissipated.

Andrew and AnnieDru now found themselves on a cheerfully lit street corner. The two approached a near by house through which a faint glow could be seen. Suddenly they were inside the house to see an entire family seated in front of the TV watching TBAA. Looks of awe, hope, and peace shown on there faces.

"Even in 2018 people are still watching your show Andrew. The words you speak on it give them comfort. You have made a difference in the past, in the present, and in the future." AnnieDru looked at Andrew as she spoke. A smile now shown brightly on his face. He knew that he had been able to help people and he gave God thanks for that. As he finished his prayer of Thanksgiving he and AnnieDru were taken back to the Christmas Room.

"Well, I think your journey is finished now Andrew. Remember you have made a difference and will continue to do so. I think you have some where to be though." AnnieDru smiled at Andrew.

"Where might that be?" He asked.

AnnieDru pointed to a group of 60 some people. All singing Christmas Carols, well, rewritten Christmas carols anyway.

"Its the JABB Christmas party. I think they are waiting for you!" AnnieDru giggled.

"Aren't you coming?" Andrew asked.

"No, you go ahead. Its not my time yet. I won't be born for another 13 years. Now have fun!" AnnieDru giggled and hugged her namesake as she disappeared.

"Well, then I guess its time to party!" With that Andrew walked over to the Androolers and the party began.


John HAS impacted each of our lives in a very positive way. Now I think it's our turn to give something back. As many of you know January 31st is John's birthday. I would like to have JABB give him something for his birthday. He has asked in previous years that instead of gifts people do something good for another person. So that got me thinking what can a group of 60 some people all over the world do? I have decided that sponsoring a child would be an excellent way for JABB to help others. Right now I am thinking of using Save the Children for this. With their organization you can sponsor a child for only $20 a month. In return you receive updates, newsletters, and letters from your child (you also write to them). What I would do is have the stuff sent to my house and then I can either scan stuff and put it on the net or maybe even mail copies out. Then I would send John a copy of what ever we get. We can get into the specifics once we figure out how much interest there is in this. I have already brought this up to a couple JABB members and have been overwhelmed by the generosity I have seen. I have been asked though how much money per person I am asking here. The answer is, well, what ever. Give what ever you like. Also keep in mind money is not the only way to aid this child. Keeping them in your thoughts and prayers will help them. Also when I figure out how to write to them we can do that. I am sure with so many people $20 a month will be no problem. I just want to know if there is interest in this out there. If you are interested please email as soon as you can so I can get that call out to Save the Children. So please email me if you want to go through with this. Also my address will be the only one given to Save the Children or anyone so don't worry about privacy issues. Anything people want to give can be sent to me and I can send it from there. The address for Save the Children is When we do get this rolling JABB may have to send out sort of emergency posts so we can get this started hopefully in time for John's birthday. If you would like to receive these posts please indicate in an email. I am not sure but we may be asked what country we want to sponsor from and stuff like that. So those would be the emergency posts sent out and we would then go with the majority in a vote. If you see an emergency post I ask that you answer ASAP so we can get started! If you have any further questions or concerns please email me.  Thank you and God bless. (someone please tell me I did not sound like a PSA there LOL)


As featured in A Christmas Carol JABB Style...............


1/2 cup shortening (Crisco)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup dark molasses
1/4 cup water
2-1/2 cups flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon ginger
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon allspice

Cream shortening and sugar. Blend in molasses, water, flour, salt, soda, ginger, nutmeg and allspice. Cover and chill for 2 or 3 hours.

Heat oven to 375*. Roll dough 1/4" thick on a lightly floured board. Cut with a gingerbread boy cutter; place on ungreased baking sheet. Decorate (raisins for eyes, black licorice for tool belt, etc.). Bake 10 to 12 minutes (watch carefully!). Immediately remove from baking sheet and cool. Pipe on icing if desired. Decorate toolbelt as desired. ;-) Enjoy!


The 12 Dyes of Christmas

On the 12th dye of Christmas John Dye gave to me

12 Toolbelts
11 Pairs of Blue Jeans
10 Gingerbread Johns
9 Romantic movies
8 Life-size pictures of John in speedos*
7 Dreams of John
6 Eyebrows rising?
5 Golden locks of hair
4 Doves held by John
3 Mistletoes and a kiss for me...+
2 Green eyes watching
And a dreamdate with one John Dye!

*Contributed by Angelia
?Contributed by Tara
+Contriubted by Teri


Thanks to Jarrod for typing this out for us. I have made these ornaments before and they are a lot of fun. I plan on making one of TBAA to keep up all year. For the laminating part you can also use that clear packaging tape and put that over the pictures. I have added this picture above to help. Have fun!


AOD Christmas Ornament 0:-)

Well, you know it is that time of year again when it is time for Christmas ornaments, so why not make one of your FAVORITE AOD. Of course you can add Monica, and Tess on it too.

Glue, Scissors, Coffee cup or Dixie cup for pattern to trace.
8 laminated pics of who else Andrew. String and an ornament hook.
A pen and also your DYEROOL Bucket from exposure of AOD.

Step 1:
Get your fav. pic's of the AOD laminated (front and back). Once you have them laminated (you can get that done at kinko's or anywhere that does things like that) take your coffee cup or Dixie cup and place it over his face, trace the circle of the cup around his face. Now make sure you don't pick the biggest pictures of his head or else you won't get all of it. And we know what kind of mess that would make b/c you won't be able to dyerool if you only have an eye in one and not the whole sha-bang.

Step 2:
Cut out the pattern that you traced on the pictures. Now be sure not to cut on his face or else you will have to start over. Of course if you cut his face it might be a sure fire way for him to come visit you. LOL

Step 3:
Take each circle and fold them into a triangle of a sort. Fold the right corner in and the left corner in (but don't make it into a point at the top), then take the bottom and fold it up to complete the bottom of the triangle. The green part of the picture is where you are going to want his face to be. The red part will be what you fold in and later glue together.

Step 4:
Pick four pictures to be your top and four to be your bottom of the ornament. Once you have your top picked out, glue the sides of them and stick them together to form a circle that when turned upside down will look like a cup. Before you complete the top, take your piece of string or yarn and make a loop with it and tie it off at the bottom. Run it up thru the middle of the ornament and put a little glue on it and stick to the inside of top part of ornament. Now glue the bottom the same way you did the top. Once the bottom is glued and dried somewhat. Glue the top onto the bottom part of the triangle, now it will look like two cups together. Well, something like two cups together. Now just let it dry. Add the hook and it is all set to hang on the tree.

Now you have your AOD for the holidays!

JABB Newsletter 12