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Hi everyone! Well, this is a bittersweet issue. For one, it's the annual Dye Day issue commemorating John's birthday. However, it's also the first issue since the announcement that this is TBAA's last season. So, this year we decided that to honor John and the show, we'd ask readers to send in their favorite memories of Andrew. In addition, President Andrew will give his annual State of the Androolers Address. Our resident advice columnist will also give you some ideas on how to cope with TBAA's cancellation. But now...

Favorite Andrew Memories

My favorite memories are all in my all-time favorite episode: "My Dinner With Andrew" I sure wish I could have a dinner with John/Andrew!!!!!

After long and hard thinking of what my favorite Andrew moments of TBAA were (very hard decision for an Androoler LOL) finally I came to the conclusion that my favorite Andrew moment would have to be in the episode "I Am An Angel" near the end where the kid (can't remember his name) climbs up the silo and he falls and Andrew catches him and explains the real place where his mom is that part is a real tear jerker but really good.

For some reason my fav bit of Andrew that pops into my brain most often is nothing he says, no big part in an ep, just a long shot of him standing in front of the jazz club he is managing watching Charlie and Monica across the street. It's the ep where Charlie the rich kid is cut off from his inheritance until he goes to Joseph Wells and finds the orphaned baby where the old orphanage has burnt down. Keb Mo is in the ep to. Actually, the first scene where Andrew is sitting on the couch after telling the father God is pleased and you have an hour to do as you wish before you die. And he sits shining on the couch and waits. Love that bit too. But it's the power/energy of the man that is John Dye in the fore said bit and nothing else about him. He just stands there.....I don't know.....maybe I need help.


When I set out to answer the question I was surprised that the memories that first came to mind weren't the ones I expected. I expected the prayer on the stairs in "The Journalist" or something from "The Violin Lesson." Something with angelic light and a revelation. Instead, I got a pretty messy looking Andrew sleeping on a bench in "Children of the Night." I think, for me, that scene shows how compassionate and dedicated Andrew is on the show. I've always thought of angels as immaculate, glowing, nearly perfect. But a dirty, homeless angel using newspapers as sheets... that inspires a lot more awe in some ways.

The State of the Androolers Address

Now, please welcome with me our noble and angelic leader... Andrew!

Thank you anonymous announcer person. I admit that this is not an address I have looked forward to giving. It is not because I have grown weary of my role as president, rather it is because I know what weighs on many of your minds. After nine years, TBAA is coming to a close. I, like the rest of you, will miss tuning in weekly to see the esteemed John Dye portray myself on TV. It is now that I would like to formally thank him for his years on TBAA. Before the show, many of my assignments would scream upon hearing who I was. Now, more of them see me for what I truly am: an angel and not a demon. It is my hope that all of you can enjoy what remains of TBAA and be grateful for all those who brought it to us.

Naturally, this change has forced us to evaluate where we hope to be in the future. As of right now, JABB has no plans of quitting the newsletter. Should continuing the newsletters become impossible when there is no weekly TBAA to inspire them, the authors inform me that the Yahoogroups email list would still remain open. Additionally, the webpages would remain up and Dyeland will remain functional.
As it is, new people keep coming to JABB. Dyeland is adding new cities and services. Communication between members continues and obsessions and appreciation grow. Whether TBAA is on the air or only in our hearts, its message of love will always be with us. Thank you.

Coping Mechanisms

Thank you Andrew. It is our hope that each of our readers can take his words of comfort to heart. However, to aid those still struggling, we had JenniAnn interview Annie Dru and ask her for some advice regarding common problems.

JA: Thank you for being with us, Annie Dru. First, let's just suppose a friend...

AD: Ah, yes a "friend".

JA: Right. A *friend* finds herself watching old episodes of TBAA and singing "Memories" to herself while liberally using a box of Kleenex. How might she... stop?

AD: Is she actually singing "Memories," I mean does she even know the words?

JA: Sure. "Memories like the cooing of a dove. Pretty, glowing memories of the way Andrew glowed..."

AD: Umm... right. Well, I'd suggest she try singing something a little bit more upbeat while watching TBAA. Like... "YMCA".

JA: Great. Okay, now what about those people who are just in denial or shock? What's a good way to make this seem first, real, and second, not horrible?

AD: Maybe they could write a letter to Andrew telling him about their feelings. Creative writing is often helpful and fun.

JA: Okay, what might you say to those people who may or may not have taken to following Andrew around Dyeland. Y'know... just to make sure he doesn't get canceled.

AD: Umm... First, he can't get canceled. Second, find a hobby. Stalking is not an option!

JA: Whatever. Finally, how awesome was Adam's hair last week?

AD: Totally awesome and groovy.

JA: Yeah... oh and Andrew's was cool too.

AD: Naturally.



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