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Hi all and Happy Halloween! We hope you enjoy our Halloween story and top ten. Today's issue was part of a challenge to the JABB YahooGroup. Occasionally we ask list members to submit stories, ideas, or top tens for JABB. If you would like to be contacted about submitting a story or joke to JABB, please email Jenni. Please excuse all grammatical and spelling problems. Gotta love them term papers! Thanks and enjoy!

Evening had fallen upon Dyeland and the entire community had once again gathered at Dyeland Castle for the annual Halloween party. Everyone, that is, except the President. Andrew had been a good enough sport the previous years, even convinced a few people he was truly over the horrors of Halloween, but had asked to be left to his own devices this year. So, reluctantly, the whole of Dyeland had agreed not to pester their beloved Angel of Death. For his own part, Andrew had decided to stay tucked away in his study, waiting for daybreak.


While Andrew may not have been with the Dyelanders, he was never far from their hearts. Naturally, after a few games and dances, discussion turned towards the absentee angel.

"What I wouldn't give to know what set that angel boy off on Halloween!" a Dyelander exclaimed.

"Who's to say anything 'set him off'? We're all entitled to our own irrational fears. I'm afraid of mirrors facing me at night," one particular member of JABB offered with a reddened face.

"Oh... Let's just go get him," the first Dyelander said exaspherated.

"No, we made a promise. This year we're gonna keep it. Anyway, ghost story time!"

And so the stories began, with each Dyelander trying to trump the others with increasingly more and more horrifying tales until they parted around 11.


It was nearly midnight when Andrew discerned a faint knock at his door. He opened it to find a frightened fairy-princess huddled on the doorstep.

"I fear a werewolf will attack me!"

"There, there. No werewolves can enter here," Andrew said kindly as he ushered the poor girl inside and they settled in to watch the world's most unscary movie, "Office Space"...

Not ten minutes into the movie another knock was heard and Andrew led a scared hippie into the TV room.

"I was afraid someone would break into my room while looking for their golden arm!" she said.

Andrew had no more than sat down when a burst of several knocks could be heard. Bewildered, he led an angel with a foil halo, a superhero, a teddy bear, a southern belle, and a host of other characters into his hallway.

"Let me guess, The Hook was outside your window?" Andrew asked, mildly exaspherated.

His question was met by solemn nods.

And so it went until the whole of Dyeland had descended upon the President's House. With misty eyes Andrew gazed around his once empty home. Maybe Halloween wasn't so bad...

Top Ten Reasons Andrew would make a great Halloween Party Guest

10. No costume needed

9. Better yet, dress him as a devil

8. He could provide the lighting

7. A place to hide the stolen souls

6. Someone to help steal the souls

5. Now when someone says "cute costume" you can honestly say "What costume?"

4. No need to worry if people get "scared to death"

3. He already looks like a Jack-O-Lantern so set him on your front porch for all to see

2. You can learn all the horrors of Candy Corn

1. Now when people tell you to drop dead, you'll be willing to.


Newsletter 102