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Hello JABB Members! It's a wonderful Monday (ACK! Yes, I said Monday and wonderful in the same sentence!), and Martha Williamson seems to have a nice Christmas ep of TBAA heading our way! Unfortunately, there is no telling if our beloved Angel Boy will get as much scene time as we would like. For this reason, this TBAA will lead into an all Holiday JABB Newsletter for all Androolers all over the world! Please send in any John related Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa/Insert your own religious holiday here you can think of to us care of me, Audrey, or Jenni! We can't wait for the holidays to roll around! Plus there will be a JABB very close to the new year! Maybe we could list people's *John* related New Year's resolutions?! Whatchya thing? Something maybe along the lines of I pledge to watch John in *all* my spare time, not just most of it! Feel free to get creative!

Also, I'd like to ask for dreams to use in my new ***DyeLight Zone*** (twilight zone music playing) (Thing ) I have added. I do have one dream that was submitted, but can't for the life of me remember! If you could let me know that'd be helpful! Thanks

We are still hoping to have a Christmas chat. E-mail Jenni so we can set up a time and place. Also since it is kind of stupid to put the newsletter on a page right after we send it I (Jenni, another change of speakers here lol) will be making a Reminders board for JABB that I will link to the TOC

We can put like important stuff there like about Chats or deadlines or late breaking news LOL, what ever right now it seems kinda pointless but it may be useful later. :-) I will try to get it up this week.




Hi! My name is Ryane and I am a BIG john dye
fan. He ranks right up there with Robert Redford!
I love TBAA, and think John's just wonderful.
I am 15, and am going to be a vet : )
I am also a published author -- of Tiger, A Cat
Whose Dream Came True!

I'm not sure if you are still doing introductions....but I thought I would add mine. My name is Carolynn and I'm 19 and a computer technician in the US Air Force. I live in Southern California and I am from Reno, NV. I love to watch TBAA and I am so thankful for PAX. Now I can watch TBAA 5 days a week plus Sunday! :) I think John is a wonderful actor and I am very grateful for his work. He and the rest of the cast give us the greatest message, "God loves you."

***DyeLight Zone***
You are about to enter a land where dreams come true and fantasies become reality; a place where the unbelievable occurs. You are about to enter ***DyeLight Zone*** (twilight zone music playing)

When you walk down the street you hear gunshots from ever direction. Police sirens sound in the middle of the night and the flashing lights in front of your home wake you. You look to the clock on the table beside your bed to see it 2:20 a.m. "Ahh!" you think to yourself. "I have to go to work/school in the morning. I have no time for this." You toss over and throw the pillow over your head to drown out the commotion, but it fails to work. You decide to put off sleep for a few more hours. After all, it's not like you made it to bed before midnight anyway. You go to the kitchen to get a drink and a bite to eat. Looking outside, it looks like a mob scene: lights flash, sirens wail, and people flock by the dozens. You shake your head at the way the members of your neighborhood flock to mishaps so readily. You shake your head in disgust when you see a glow amongst the crowd. Curious as to the somewhat settling occurrence, you run downstairs. You throw open the door to the apartment when you see the illuminating figure. It's moving towards you, and you can't help but quiver. Is this it? Could your dreams be coming true?! You start getting anxious as the figure begins to take form. As it gets closer and closer the hubbub around you slowly dies down and disappears. You tingle all over and feel very tranquil as Andrew, the Angel of Death, comes into focus. It is now that you realize you have entered ***DyeLight Zone*** (twilight zone music playing)

Some Andrew songs to get us into the Christmas Spirit

Jingle Bells
Andrew Smells
Roma Laid an Egg.
The Tess-mobile Lost a Wheel
And Kathleen Got Away! HEY!

Come on! I don't hear you singing!

Deck the hall with angel halos
Light the way to the gallows
Tis the season to see Andrew
Aren't you glad that PAX deal came through!

Hey! Kiwi! No ad-libbing! Keep the words *naked* and *chest hair* out of my songs!

Joy to the World, Andrew's come.
Let Androolers receive their King.
Let every women Everywhere
Drool and gawk and drool
Drool and gawk and drool
Drool and gawk and drool
Drool and drool and drool and gawk and drool

Top Ten Things JABB Members Have Wanted to Tell John Dye:

10. Jarrod: "Hurry John!!!!!! Run!!!!!!! The Androolers are coming!"
9. Jenni: "Umm so you say my name has been linked to some organization called JABB? Well, umm, can't say I know about that Mr. Dye. Umm, excuse me my mommy is calling me!"
8. Lori: "Mr. Dye, could I have some chest hair to remember you by?"
7. Lisa: "Do you realize how many women you have *drooling* over you? Check out the net & you would see."
6. Sara: "My place or yours?"
5. Audrey: "So John? How's that Chihuahua named Chiwawa (see I spelled it right Lori!) in Northern Ireland? Still keeping warm?"
4. Kolya Lynne: "I love you!"
3. Jennie: "Nice legs!"
2. My mom: "Nice butt. . I-I mean jeans!"

And the NUMBER ONE thing JABB members want to say to John Dye:

1. Nothing! They are too busy drooling to speak!

Newsletter 11