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Newsletter #1

First off I want to welcome everyone to this list! You've done the right thing. We can help. (Although, I've found it is quite often NOT the help you need, but what the hey!) Also, we've had a problem with people wanting to be keepers. I'm including a list of all that have been claimed. Please don't get mad at us if the one you want is already taken. We already told you it was on a first come first serve basis. Feel free to e-mail us if you want to be a keeper of an unlisted item.

Also, to avoid confusion on fanfic that may be submitted, we have decided that it must contain Andrew/John in half of it. On another note Jenni thought it would be a great idea to send out b-day cards to those on the list. We love to make them and found a great site with lots of options. Send us your birth date (month and day) and we'll be happy to make a card especially for you when your b-day rolls around!

Thanks and Enjoy!
Audrey (Co-President)
Jenni (Co-President)

Jenni is the keeper of Andrew/John's integrity/innocence
Audrey the keeper of his good humor
Susan is "Keeper of Angel Boy's compassion"
Barbara is the keeper of his gentle nature.
Sara is the keeper of his beauty!
Amanda is keeper of Truth
Sharon Keeper of Kindness
Julie Keeper Smiles/Lips
Jarrod Keeper of Sanity of all Androolers or John's bodyguard
Kimberly is keeper of his generous heart
Kolya Lynne is Keeper of his green eyes
Kristen is keeper of blushes/dimples
Jennifer keeps his angelic presence
Catherine Cobb Keeper of Andrew's gift of eternity
Ali is keeper of aura.

Top Ten You Know You Are Obsessed With John Dye

10. You don't fear death. You're actually hoping for it.

9. You now hate Halloween because it gives Andrew a bad reputation.*

8. You have to carry around a drool bucket for when you hear the name Andrew or John. (not mentioning any names, but her initials are T.E.R.I.! lol)

7. You insist that your birthday cake is Banana Split Cake. *

6. You have Andrew wallpaper. . . Not *just* on your computer!

5. You write to him an average 20 times a day

4. You become a dye hard Mississippi State fan!

3. You constantly listen to any song containing the words John, Johnny, Andrew or Angel

2. Shhh! John is on!

1. You start cheap rip off AA support groups such as J.A.B.B!

*contributed by Kristin

A is for Absolutely Adorable
N is for Never Fading Radiant Smile
D is for Drool Worthy
R is for Resplendent Attitude
E is for Eloquent Words of Peace and Serenity
W is for Witty

J is for Just and Fair
O is for Openhearted
H is for Heavenly
N is for Never Ceasing Sincerity

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