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Hello and welcome to J.A.B.B.! This site is dedicated to those who have become helplessly obsessed with John Dye, better known as Touched by an Angel's Andrew. By coming here you have made the first step. It's hard to admit you have a problem, but we are here to help. First I'd like to remind you that loving Andrew is not a crime, but a healthy livelihood that all women thrive off of! Perhaps I should now introduce myself. My name is Audrey. I am a co-President of J.A.B.B. along with my most amazing co-President Jenni! We work hard to make sure you get the help you need. Below is a taste of what J.A.B.B. has to offer. Please, take these 12-steps seriously!

STEP ONE: Admit you have an addiction.
STEP TWO: Take it one "dye" at a time.
STEP THREE: Understand why obsessing over Andrew is not healthy.
(Feel free to take your time)
STEP FOUR: Avoid eye contact with Andrew at all times.
(But feel free to look else where)
STEP FIVE: Avoid daydreaming about John all day.
(That leaves all night wide open, though)
STEP SIX: Feel free to carry a pic of John on your person at all times to help you though the rough times,
just don't drool his face away.
STEP SEVEN: Avoid kissing the TV screen every time Andrew appears.
(This does, however, leave gawking wide open)
STEP EIGHT: Avoid renting movies with John in them, unless he has more than a 5 minute role.
STEP NINE: Avoid naming multiple children/pets after John/Andrew.
(One is the limit!)
STEP TEN: Limit the use of *his* name to under 50 times a day.
STEP ELEVEN: Sleeping with John's picture is out of the question.
(But feel free to kiss it goodnight!)
STEP TWELVE: Remember, overcoming your obsessions won't kill you.
But it is well worth "dying" for!

We are here to help you!

Special thanks to Jarrod, Jenni, and Barbara for all their contributions.


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If you think you may have a problem and would like to seek the necessary help, please e-mail either Jenni or myself, Audrey with JABB in the subject. We will subscribe you to your bi-weekly mailing list as soon as humanly (or angelicly) possible! Thanks again. Remember, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affiliated with either John Dye or "Touched by an Angel", nor are we John Dye himself!!!! Mr. Dye, please don't sue us. We're poor and you'd only get about enough to buy yourself a meal at McDonald's. All pictures used in J.A.B.B. publications are original creations copyrighted by J.A.B.B. co-presidents, are copyrighted by CBS, or are royalty-free images unless otherwise noted.

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